Every day, some type of accident occurs in our state that results in death to at least one person involved. Whether it is a car accident, a work-related incident, or even a very serious slip-and-fall incident, surviving family members are often left to suffer the overwhelming losses associated with tragically and suddenly losing a loved one.
To make a horrific situation even more unbearable, surviving family members are often left responsible for medical expenses and funeral expenses for their loved one. To further compound the situation, families face further financial struggles when they lose the income provider for their family.
Without a doubt, the death of a loved one can be extremely tragic and difficult to deal with. Surviving family members may have legal options available to them, particularly in cases where victims lose their lives due to the negligent acts of another person. It is crucial for families to contact a wrongful death attorney in Utah to help them with their legal claims. Working with a knowledgeable and experienced accident injury attorney in Utah can make all the difference for a family’s ability to obtain justice and compensation for their claim.
There are many ways in which a wrongful death attorney can be extremely beneficial for those interested in filing legal claims.

Wrongful Death Attorneys In Utah Provide Peace Of Mind

Dealing with the tragic loss of a loved one is often overwhelming. It is an extremely difficult and emotional time for surviving family members. This is especially true in cases where victims lose their lives due to negligence. Trying to make complicated legal decisions while dealing with the emotional consequences of tragic motor vehicle accidents is often unbearable.
Instead, working with a reputable accident injury attorney in Utah will ensure victims’ rights are protected while they focus on coping with their tragic loss. Working with an experienced attorney from Siegfried & Jensen will ensure complicated tasks associated with legal claims are taken care of. Our attorneys will take care of all the paperwork, schedule meetings, negotiation with other parties, and help to build a strong case on your behalf.


Dealing with the tragic loss of a loved one requires a lot of time to process grief from the loss. Unfortunately, the legal system is not on your side as far as time is concerned. In Utah, claimants are required to file a wrongful death claim within 2-years after the incident. If surviving family members do not file their legal claim within the statute of limitations, they are unable to bring a claim against the at-fault party. In cases where a government entity is involved, the statute of limitations is shorted to only 1-year from the date of the death.
Working with a Utah wrongful death attorney as soon as possible will ensure all time requirements are met. You will further be able to save time on research, as your attorney will have extensive knowledge and experience with studying cases similar to yours. An experienced attorney will be able to keep a tight schedule, update you on your case often, and they will be able to keep up with all deadlines enforced for your claim.

Financial Aspect Of A Claim

Although families are often left to deal with the emotional consequences of a tragic loss, they often face further turmoil associated with financial distress. Surviving family members are now left to deal with costs related to funeral arrangements, medical bills, and they may even be struggling without the family income provider. Surviving family members are able to seek compensation for various expenses and, in some cases, even non-economic expenses, including pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and various other damages. An experienced and reputable attorney will be able to get you the compensation you deserve.

What Damages Are Available To Surviving Family Members

When victims are killed in tragic incidents caused by negligent or reckless parties, surviving family members can contact a Utah wrongful death attorney to file a legal claim against the at-fault party. These legal claims enable surviving family members to obtain remuneration for a plethora of damages incurred as the result of the incident. Some of the most commonly sought after awards in Utah claims include compensation for:

Medical expenses related to the incident;
Lost earnings the decedent should have made had they been alive;
Funeral and burial expenses;
Loss of consortium;
Mental anguish; and
Property damages.

Working with a reputable attorney will ensure you are able to obtain punitive damages if they are available to you. These damages are not provided to compensate a victim or surviving family members for a loss. Instead, they are awarded to claimants in cases where extreme negligence contributed to the loss of life. It is crucial to work with an experienced attorney who can aggressively negotiate on your behalf to obtain the maximum amount of compensation available.
Utah Wrongful Death Attorneys Can Help You
Losing a loved one tragically can have a devastating impact on surviving family members. Quite often, their entire world is flipped upside down. They are left to grieve the loss of a loved one whose death could have been prevented if someone did not act so negligently.  Hiring a wrongful death attorney from Siegfried & Jensen it will ensure that your attorney understands the complications and struggles surviving family members face after losing a loved one unexpectedly. We firmly believe surviving family members deserve to have some of the weight lifted off their shoulders. This is especially true when it comes to financial burdens placed upon them resulting from the incident.
For over 30-years, Siegfried & Jensen have helped over 35,000 victims and surviving family members obtain full and fair compensation for their claims. Our attorneys work diligently to ensure those harmed get justice for their losses. Contact our law firm today at (801) 845-9000 to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our skilled personal injury attorneys in Utah. Come into any of our four conveniently located offices across Utah to see what legal options are available for you.

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