A simple slip and fall might turn out to be not so simple.

At the time it happens, a slip or a fall might seem like nothing. You might even feel embarrassed just letting someone help you get back on your feet, let alone considering legal action.
But here’s the thing. You may wake up the next morning with pain that wasn’t there before. And if the pain doesn’t go away, there is no telling what kind of help you’ll need.
That slip and fall happened for a reason. If the reason was the result of the people who own the property where you fell not keeping their property safe, you may deserve compensation.

Have You Been Hurt By A Hidden Hazard?

It may have been a slippery floor, or a ragged patch of carpeting. A set of stairs that wasn’t properly lit, a warning sign that was missing, or an area that wasn’t thoroughly cleaned.
Slip and fall injuries can change virtually every aspect of life, from being able to work or even being able to walk.

The Problem With Putting Things Off

We understand that most people aren’t anxious to rush into a lawsuit. But if you’ve been hurt, you probably have no idea if your injury will quickly grow worse, forcing you into costly medical treatment.
This is why it’s a good idea to visit us before much time passes. Witnesses will better remember what they saw right after the fall. Video surveillance tapes we will need to see may still be available. We may also want to review operational documents and cleaning logs.
If the property owner has gone in after the fact to make repairs that cover up the true cause of your injury, it may be more difficult to prove negligence.
This is not about jackpot justice, and trying to cash in on a financial windfall from a simple fall. It is about fairness and making sure that the property where your accident took place is not going to prove dangerous, perhaps even more dangerous, for other people who go there.

The Problem With Putting Things Off

If you have been in a slip and fall accident, do not speak with the insurance company that covers the property where you fell. Your truthful, straightforward statement may be turned against you.
Speak with us first. We’ll make sure you are protected.
We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you. To listen carefully when you tell us what happened, and tell you where you stand. We’d like to get to know you, and give you straight answers about what we can do to help. We’ll answer your questions, help you understand the issues, and look at your options and advise you how you can best move ahead.