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Brain injuries and other head injuries can take the form of anything from a minor bump on the skull to a devastating traumatic brain injury (TBI). Common causes include traffic accidents, falls, physical assault, and accidents at home, at work, outdoors, or while playing sports.
A TBI can mean living with a permanent condition that impacts every part of your life for the rest of your life. Problems can be as hidden as poor memory and decision-making, as debilitating as chronic headaches and mood swings, and as devastating as living in a coma or vegetative state.
Whether mild or severe, a TBI means that you and your family will never be the same again. If this is happening to you or a loved one, contact us today.

Siegfried and Jensen’s Injury Attorneys Are Here to Help You and Your Family

Our attorneys understand how head injuries affect the whole family.
TBIs don’t just affect the injured person; they affect the entire family. Our attorneys understand.
Chronic headaches, cognitive problems, memory problems, attention deficits, mood swings, difficulty thinking, frustration, inability to drive, inability to work, inability to care for oneself, rehabilitation, hospitalization — these are only few of the things that families and loved ones must adapt to. And the more alone family members are, the harder it is.
No one can undo a tragedy, but as compensation, victims of traumatic brain injuries caused by someone else’s negligence have a right to a monetary settlement for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, ongoing care, diminished earning capacity, lost income, and other costs and losses.
At Siegfried and Jensen, we can help you protect your rights and get the support you need to rebuild your life and move forward.

Our Attorneys Will Fight for Fairness

Our lawyers understand how to fight insurance companies and can help you protect your rights and get the settlement you deserve.
Too often, insurance companies refuse to take the effects of TBIs seriously and don’t treat the victims and their families fairly. If you’ve suffered a TBI as the result of someone else’s negligence and you’re not being treated fairly, we can help sort out your case and protect your rights.
When you work with us, you can expect the best:

  • We’ll answer your questions and address your concerns throughout the entire process.
  • We’ll pull together the information needed to build your case, including medical records, accident reports, insurance policies, expert testimony, etc.
  • We’ll make sure that everybody plays by the rules and treats you fairly.
  • We’ll help you get what you need to move forward with your life.

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