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After talking to us, if you would like to hire us, we will schedule an appointment to meet with you at your convenience at one of our four offices throughout the state or at your home. We’ll even visit you in the hospital if necessary. If you’ve recently been injured in a car accident… If you’re looking to file and insurance claim—or if you’ve already filed one and the insurance company isn’t helping you or even denied your claim… We’re here to help YOU.

Siegfried & Jensen

Ned Siegfried and Mitch Jensen joined together to start Siegfried & Jensen in 1990.

Siegfried & Jensen has 15 attorneys and a total staff of 75 experienced and dedicated professionals that are eager to help injured people like yourself.

We’re here to help YOU get the money you deserve so you can pay your medical bills, fix your car and get back to the way your life was before your accident.

Let me let you in on a secret… The insurance company is NOT your friend.

They may play nice and pretend to be on your side… But as soon as you’re injured in a car accident, they’re interested in one thing and one thing only:

Minimizing your claim and paying you as little as possible. 

They do this by giving you the runaround… Telling you the accident was your fault (even when it really wasn’t!)… Or just throwing so many hurdles in your way that you give up and go away.

All of this can make your life extremely stressful with mounting medical bills…

A wrecked car and being able to work… Not to mention constant pain and limitations from your injuries.

That’s why we’ve made your first call FREE—and you never have to pay for anything out of your pocket if we handle your case.

You see, getting an attorney is one of the most important things you can do when you get injured in a car accident.

The reason is:
Men & women who hire an auto accident attorney often get as much as 3X more money from their insurance claim than those who don’t.

I’m proud to say, Siegfried & Jensen has helped car accident victims in Utah get the money they deserve for over 30 Years.

We’ve helped more than 35,000 men & women just like yourself, with a 97% success rate.

Which means we’re able to win (or get a settlement from the insurance company) in 97%of the claims we handle. In total, we’ve helped car accidents victims in Utah recover more than $1 billion in accident claims to date.

And today we’re here to help YOU.

We have experience working with all kinds of clients, and we know how scary getting a lawyer can be.

That’s why we want to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Here at Siegfried & Jensen:

Your first call is FREE
You will never pay anything out of pocket (we only get paid if we WIN you money!)
And we take care of all the phone calls and paperwork for you—you just focus on getting better

Some attorneys charge up to $500 per hour just to consult with you.

With us, your first call is FREE. If you want to get started, go ahead and call the local Utah number below to talk to our friendly, bilingual staff.

You can tell us about your accident and we’ll probably be able to tell you right on the phone if you have a case or not…

Or if you prefer, you can text chat with us instead, which is also FREE.

If we end up handling your case, I want you to rest assured… You will never have to pay anything out of pocket.

We only get paid if we win your case… our attorney fees come out of your insurance recovery.

That way, you can literally work with us risk-free… And get the insurance money you deserve for the injuries you’ve suffered.

You don’t have to worry about going to court… Because in 97 out of 100 cases, we get the insurance company to settle out of court.

Here at Siegfried & Jensen, we’ve fought this battle thousands of times. And trust me—it is always a battle with insurance companies.

Most insurance companies have dozens or even hundreds of attorneys on staff, thousands of claims adjusters, skilled negotiators and other professionals all with the goal in mind of minimizing the value of your claim.

We’re here to help you fight BACK

If you want to get the money you deserve, there’s going to be a lot of lengthy phone calls… paperwork… investigations… and negotiations that you’ll have to slog through if you decide to handle your case on your own.

If you want our help, we’ll handle all of that for you.

When you hire us, we’ll handle all of the phone calls, paperwork, investigations, legal work and negotiations that need to be done.

Feel free to call us as often as you’d like for updates on your case… Other than that, your job is to see your doctor(s), and recover from your injuries. Let us do the rest for you.

When we resolve your case, you’ll get your money within a few days.

And finally…

You’ll be able to pay your bills and move forward with your life, leaving this “headache” behind you.

I know that getting a lawyer sounds scary and a little overwhelming…

But in reality, it’s very easy!

Remember: in this process, we’re NOT fighting with the person you got in the accident with…

We’re fighting with their insurance company who promised they would be there when an accident happened…

With us on your side, all you have to do is get the appropriate medical treatment and recover as quickly as possible.

In our 30+ years of experience, we’ve seen pretty much every insurance tactic designed to minimize the value of people’s injury claims.

We know how to deal with all of the insurance companies’ self-serving tactics.

So click the button below and get started today!

Remember: your case review is absolutely FREE and you never have to pay anything out of your pocket.

I promise: you’ll be glad you contacted us.

— Ned Siegfried, Attorney
— Mitch Jensen, Attorney


See what our past clients had to say

“At one of the most overwhelming times in our life, Siegfried and Jensen came to the rescue. While we were concentrating on getting our child better, they were working hard to make it right. Would and HAVE recommended Siegfried and Jensen to others. Thank you for everything!”

“Ten stars out of five stars for service. I was hit by a driver that failed to yield to me. Totaled my car, I had no job, very little money and was absolutely terrified as to what I should do next. I hired Steve Jensen as my attorney, I had months of chiro, and had to get an MRI. Steve got me the settlement I wanted and then some. His partner Lisa Kuhni did an incredible job. I would strongly advise giving Siegfried and Jensen a look. It changed my life.”

“Siegfried and Jensen is a high quality firm. If you want a professional team on your side after an injury, choose them. I was seriously injured riding my road bike because of the negligence of another. Randy Payne, Esq. of S&J handled my case. He worked carefully and methodically to gather evidence, document third party opinions and videotape testimony before crafting a demand letter. The insurance company responded very quickly, agreeing to an out of court settlement.”

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Post accident survival guide

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