These complex claims require special experience:

  • The injuries are usually very severe and are usually caused by someone other than or in addition to the worker’s employer.
  • Utah law follows a no-fault worker’s’ compensation system*, preventing workers from suing their employers.

What you need to know about construction accidents

Too often, the insurance companies responsible for paying for care and lost wages may try to take advantage of you. They may offer a low-ball settlement, deny a claim or abandon you completely. However, victims of construction accidents have the same rights as other accident victims. These rights include the right to monetary compensation (a settlement) for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, new vocational training costs, diminished earning capacity, lost income, and other costs and losses.
These complex construction accident claims require special experience. If you’ve been harmed with a construction causality, contact Siegfried & Jensen immediately. You may have the option to file what’s called a “third party claim” or, a legal claim made against an insurance company that may be the only way to receive fair compensation.

Finding the Right Construction Accident Attorney

Siegfried and Jensen’s lawyers will fight to protect your rights and make sure you’re treated fairly.
When you team up with us you can expect the best:

  • We’ll answer your questions and address your concerns throughout the entire process.
  • We’ll help you get what you need to recover your old life or adapt to a new one.
  • We’ll pull together the information needed to build your case, including medical records, accident reports, insurance policies, expert testimony, etc.
  • We’ll make sure the insurance company plays by the rules and treats you fairly.

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*Visit our section on Workplace Accidents for more information.