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Wrongful death happens when a person dies because of the negligence or misconduct of another person. It can be caused by many things including electrical accidentsmedical malpracticespinal cord injuries, and auto or truck accidents.

Surviving family members face many problems, even hardship, after a wrongful death:

  • How do you pay bills without the income of the deceased, especially if they were the primary breadwinner? Will you lose your home?
  • How do you do all of the things the deceased did like car maintenance, housework, yard work, house repair, child care, or elder care?
  • How do you move forward with a life you could not have prepared for?
  • How do you cope with the sudden stress of a major life-change that affects everyone and everything in your family?

Get help from lawyers who will fight for you

No one can undo your loss or change what happened, but it’s still important to hold the wrongdoer accountable for the hurt they caused. As a survivor, you have a right to monetary compensation for lost income, medical bills, funeral bills, loss of benefits, loss of inheritance, and pain and suffering. Our experienced wrongful death lawyers will fight to make sure you and your family are treated fairly.

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  • We’ll pull together the information needed to build your case, including medical records, accident reports, insurance policies, expert testimony, etc.
  • We’ll work to get you what you need to adapt to your new life.
  • We’ll make sure that everybody plays by the rules and treats you fairly.

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