For those that drive every day, maybe on their commute to work in the mornings and nights, operating a car can become second nature, something that might not even require much thought on their part. But that moment when they don’t have their attention fully on the road, that flash of a second when they back out of their driveways while their mind is busy sifting through the trials and tribulations of their coming day, can be the second that an automobile accident can strike, or even worse, the injury or death of a pedestrian.
Driving a vehicle is something that always requires one’s full mental faculties, and backing out of a driveway is no different.
If you or someone you love has been affected by one of these accidents, make sure you get in contact with a trained Utah Lawyer, who can help you through this trying time.

Why Accidents Occur When Backing Out of a Driveway

Modern life throws all sorts of curveball distractions your way, and these distractions usually don’t politely wait for you to finish your drive peacefully. It might be a case of having to adjust the setting of your car, such as the temperature on a surprisingly cold morning, or having to adjust your GPS in the case of an unexpected traffic backup due to road construction, or even shuffling through the radio stations or your plugged in cellphone, searching for just the right tune.
It could be a case of multitasking while you’re pulling out of your driveway, touching up your hair or scanning your face for any unsightly blemishes or marks, steering wheel in hand. You could be peeling a banana, having no time to eat your breakfast before heading out of the door.
Texts, phone calls, emails and more keep us in constant contact with one another, and that can become an addicting thing. It could be a quick text message as you’re backing up out of your driveway, or an unexpected email that pulls your attention away, some bad news you receive suddenly, or maybe even great news.
The distractions that whiz by our minds every day can become overwhelming. Letting this myriad of distractions sway your attention might not seem like that big of a deal, but it is a demonstrable case of carelessness and reckless driving.
Unfortunately, even if your attention is as focused on the task of driving as it can be, some things might remain out of your control, and an accident might be unavoidable while you’re backing up out of your driveway. Kids, pets, other drivers falling prey to distracted, reckless driving– it’s as much your responsibility to drive with your entire attention span on the world around you as it is the responsibility of others to pay attention to any nearby vehicles. If you have children, make sure you drive home their need to be alert if they’re out playing in the neighborhood streets around driveways.

Victims of Driveway Accidents

The driveway is located in suburban neighborhoods, residential areas that can be quite active with people coming and going.
This opens up a number of opportunities to occur, with a number of different kinds of potential victims.
-Children: Kids can seem like they live in their own world since they’re usually so preoccupied playing games or being lost in their own imaginations. Therefore, it is so much more vital that drivers be aware of any kids in the neighborhood, and to back out of their driveways that much slower, so as to avoid something as awful as a car accident involving a child.
Pedestrians: Sidewalks exist for a reason, and they are used to their fullest. Whether it’s jogging, running, leisurely walks, or taking the dog out for a walk, it isn’t uncommon to see your neighborhood sidewalks busy with pedestrians. Therefore, you must be extra cautious when pulling out of your driveway, to avoid an accident.
Bicyclists: Cyclists can come in fast and remain relatively unseen, and therefore can pose an even greater hazard to avoid when backing out of your driveway. Extra caution should always be taken to check to see if one of them is coming.
-Other Drivers: It’s been stated, but as careful as you can be, that won’t change a thing about the safety being taken by other drivers on the road. All that one can do to avoid the dangers posed by other drivers not paying attention to their surroundings is to let them move along, and wait for them to pass you by before pulling out of your driveway.

Preventing Driveway Accidents

Driveway accidents, like most automobile accidents, can be avoided fairly simply, by taking a few extra steps of precaution.
-Give Yourself Time: If you feel so rushed and taxed for the time that you need to speed while pulling out of your driveway, then the real problem might lie elsewhere, perhaps with your time management. Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination, so you can drive with a sense of ease instead of one of tension and feeling rushed.
-Survey Your Surroundings: Before you pull out of your driveway, take stock of your surroundings. Make sure there are no children, pets, or pedestrians coming, and that your path in pulling out of your driveway is a clear one.
-Educate Your Kids: If you have kids, teach them about the dangers of nearby cars in places they might be playing. Teach them that they must always be on the lookout for cars, and to be aware of their surroundings as much as they can.

Get Help From Salt Lake City Lawyers

If you or someone you or a loved one were hit or involved in a driveway accident, make sure you get in contact with Utah’s Siegfried & Jensen as soon as you can. Our experienced attorneys will give you the help and guidance you need after such an accident and can help you receive the compensation that you might be owed.

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