Utah is no stranger to pedestrian accidents. In fact, according to research that has been conducted across the state, 30 pedestrians will lose their lives and another 785 will become hospitalized after a crash involving a motor vehicle driver. Unfortunately, over the past seven years, pedestrian accidents have been on the rise throughout the state, which means that more preventative efforts must be made to ensure that the prevalence of these accidents reduces in time.
Also according to Utah pedestrian accident stats, children are the most likely individuals to be injured or killed in these horrific accidents. Though many of the accidents involving children happen on private properties, they also happen in many other public areas, such as cities and in crosswalks. The truth is that, out of many of the pedestrian accidents that happen in Utah, pedestrians tend to appear in crosswalks most often when they are struck. The fact remains that drivers do not take as much time to look out for the wellbeing of pedestrians as they should. It is all too often that we find pedestrians are injured or lose their lives in accidents where they actually had the right-of-way.
What steps do you take if you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, especially when you believe that the other party is to blame? Luckily, with the help of an experienced auto accident attorney, you can collect and use evidence in your case that will help you receive the compensation you deserve and move forward during these life-changing times.

When You’ve Been Injured

Move to Safety: After you’ve made the right decision to get ahold of emergency services, it is especially important to move yourself to safety, if possible. If you believe that you are well enough to get out of the road, you and the driver involved should always do so, to ensure that further injuries are not received and other accidents (that can lead to fatal results) can be avoided. If the pedestrian is unable to move out of the roadway, a driver might need to wait for an ambulance before they take further action and should do what they can to ensure that the safety of the pedestrian is upheld. Emergency services will be able to move a pedestrian without harm if they are seriously injured.
Memorize Details: A pedestrian should do whatever they can to memorize details of everything they saw at the scene of their accident. It is important to remember the license plate number, insurance data, and any characteristics they can remember about the driver or anyone who was with them, as well as the make and model of the vehicle. This is important in any pedestrian case; however, it is especially imperative to remember these details if the accident is a hit-and-run and the driver did not stop after striking the pedestrian. This type of evidence will help a pedestrian give testimony in the future if the driver is stopped.
What to Do if You’ve Been Struck by a Car in a Pedestrian AccidentContact Authorities: If harm has been caused to somebody involved in an accident, the authorities should always be contacted. This is done whether or not the driver stayed at the scene of the accident. Having help from authorities means that police will be able to work up what is known as the “police report,” which will help you prove your case to courts and insurance companies when you have officer’s notes on exactly what happened at the time of the accident. If police believe that the driver acted in a negligently way, such as drinking-and-driving, not only will an arrest be made, but the police will also file this information in the police report.
Keep Records: Any type of information that a pedestrian is able to obtain relating to the driver should be kept so that it can be used in the future. If you are trying to obtain legal help or you have to speak with the insurance company, you will need special information relating to the driver’s license number, registration, phone numbers, and more.
Seek Medical Attention: Many people make a negative decision to refrain from obtaining medical attention. They might say, “The pain I’m feeling will fade,” only for it to increase over time and sometimes even cause permanent issues. There is an assortment of life-threatening injuries that might not show symptoms until days or weeks after an accident, which is why you should never delay treatment. Not only will it help you claim in the future, but it will ensure that you are at your healthiest following an accident.
Speak with an Experienced Attorney: Speaking with an attorney is the one tried and true method for receiving the compensation you deserve after one of these horrific accidents. If you are confused about where to start in the midst of your case, or you are too injured or ill-informed to navigate the legal system on your own, you should never be without an attorney.

How an Attorney Can Help Determine Fault

One of the biggest reasons why an attorney might be absolutely necessary following your case is the fact that an experienced personal injury attorney can help you determine who is at fault for your accident, based on the evidence that you have presented. Perhaps liability is not so clear. Maybe you don’t remember the specific details and you are doubting that you might have been in the crosswalk at the time. Maybe you remember seeing a driver run a red light, causing your accident and injuries. No matter what, an attorney will be able to help you dictate how you can move forward in the midst of your case.
An attorney will also be able to show you what percentage of fault you hold and, if you have played any role of negligence in your own case, what types of damages you should expect and others you might not.

How a Salt Lake Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You

Across the state of Utah, our experienced personal injury attorneys are willing to help you through one of the most devastating times of your life when you believe a driver has failed to look out for your wellbeing as one of the most vulnerable parties on our roadways. We understand the many laws that apply to personal injury cases and want to ensure that your rights are being protected along the way at Siegfried & Jensen, where we have worked to help a variety of injured parties receive the compensation they deserve.
Our accident victims have received a variety of case results in the past such as medical bills, lost wages, property loss, emotional distress, and many other aspects. Our pedestrian accident attorneys are here for you, so do not hesitate to contact us for more information at (801) 441-3635 for a free case review you can rely on.

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