At Siegfried & Jensen, we specialize in helping individuals obtain justice for their personal injuries. Whether you have been injured by another party due to an automobile accident, medical malpractice, dog bite, or even a worksite injury, we are dedicated to helping you recover the compensation you deserve.
Maneuvering through the court system is a complicated process that requires experience and extensive knowledge of the law. Thankfully, we are able to walk clients through the entire legal process while helping them avoid any factors or behaviors that might distract from the case or negatively impact the end results. A leading issue hindering personal injury cases across the country today is social media.

Social Media Can Destroy Your Personal Injury Case

Getting pulled into gossip, news stories, and local updates on social media may be tempting, but it can wreak havoc on a person’s ability to obtain justice. Improper use of social media can truly jeopardize a personal injury case. It is crucial for you to understand social media and the negative impacts it can have on your case. Although it may seem difficult, there are some precautions you can take to ensure this does not happen to you.

Privacy Entitlement

Social Media And Your Personal Injury CaseOne of the pressing issues surrounding social media and networking websites is that users are under the false impression that they are entitled to more privacy than is actually the case. Every photograph, text message, video, or other information you put online through these networks can be found and shared by others. Even if you believe a message is only to a friend, you may be surprised to know that other individuals are able to access them.
Although it is easy to get carried away with what we say to others online, it is critical to assume that everything you do on the Internet can be discovered by another party. In particular, you should assume that anyone subjected to a personal injury case is probably digging around for important information they can use against you. Simply refraining from putting anything online will prevent them from accessing critical information.

Social Media And Proving Suffering

In the legal system, particularly when trying to prove a personal injury case, the above information has some direct and severe consequences. Insurance companies and defense attorneys often comb through claimant’s online accounts and personal records to find incriminating evidence which can be used against them. They scour through social networks in hopes of poking holes in your case. Unfortunately, our team at Siegfried & Jensen has seen this happen on numerous occasions.
Consider the following: You were injured in a car accident by a driver who you are accusing of being negligent. You are trying to receive compensation for your injuries. One of your claims for damages includes severe and debilitating back pain. You claim that this pain is so severe, you are unable to enjoy even basic outings with family members. A few days later, you post a tweet of you out playing soccer with a friend.
Even if the video is from the past, or it was recorded on a day where your pain medications were working well, it can have a severe impact on your claim. Insurance companies and lawyers are in their full rights to save these videos and use them against you during trials or during negotiations. These videos and other information could drastically limit the amount of compensation you can recover for your case.

Steps To Take To Protect Yourself

There are a few basic steps that you can take to curb having your photos, videos, and other information used against you on your personal injury case.
To begin, make sure all of your social media accounts are set to private. If you are unable to make the entire profile private, at least limit who has access to some of the information you share. The more prying eyes, the more chances there are of having your posts used against you.
Next, ask your friends and family members to refrain from posting anything online that has to do with you or your personal injury case. Family members and friends may innocently post photos or videos of you that can be discovered online and used against you. Routinely check posts you are tagged in to make sure nothing incriminating is online and ask loved ones to remove any posts you find. The very last thing you need is to have something you had no idea existed used against you in court.
Finally, think very carefully about every single post you make on social media. Even if it is private, there may be some untrusting individuals on your profile who are looking over your information for defense lawyers or insurance companies. If you are unsure about anything, it is in your best interest to refrain from posting it.

Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney For Your Utah Case

Working with a personal injury attorney will help you better understand how small, seemingly-innocent posts can completely jeopardize your legal ability to recover full and fair compensation for your injuries. Not only does social media potentially threaten your ability to receive restitution, but it prevents you from holding wrongdoers accountable for their actions. At Siegfried & Jensen, we have seen numerous individuals lose the bulk of their claims because of social media posts.
Since 1990, we have helped numerous individuals recover compensation for their injuries. Our dedication to helping injured claimants is not just to get them compensation, but to help them alleviate some of the financial burdens caused by the negligent acts of others and to help them get the justice they deserve. Do not let social media help reckless parties get away with their actions. Contact Siegfried & Jensen today at (801) 598-1218 to see how we can help you obtain remuneration in your personal injury case.

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Content checked by personal injury attorney Todd Bradford. I worked for a small law firm in Utah County, where I handled various types of cases. My main focus was personal injury and I decided that is what I enjoyed doing the most. I rejoined Siegfried and Jensen in 2012 where my focus is solely on helping personal injury clients. I take pride in helping personal injury clients and enjoy serving them. If you need an attorney for auto accidents or injuries of any kind in Salt Lake City, UT, Ogden, UT, Spokane, WA, or Boise, ID, contact us.