motorcycle accident lawyerMotorcycles are a much-loved mode of transportation by many, yet riding can be inherently dangerous. What might be a simple fender-bender between two passenger vehicles could easily become a catastrophic accident when a motorcycle is involved. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcyclists are nearly 24 times more likely to die in traffic crashes than passenger car occupants.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, our hearts go out to you. Motorcycle accidents are often different from car crashes both in how they happen and the losses sustained. In the aftermath of a serious bike accident, it is important to have a legal professional guide you through the injury claim process.

The adept motorcycle accident lawyers at Siegfried & Jensen have decades of experience in representing Utah personal injury victims. Our legal team understands the unique aspects of motorcycle accidents and the challenges riders face in pursuing just compensation. Reach out to a motorcycle accident lawyer at Siegfried & Jensen today at (801) 845-9000 or fill out our online form to schedule a free case evaluation.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents Versus Car Accidents

How motorcycle accidents occur versus car accidents is often quite different. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by other drivers, not by the riders themselves. Further, road conditions that cause few problems for those riding in passenger vehicles can have devastating consequences for motorcyclists.

Frequent causes of motorcycle accidents

Accidents involving motorcyclists are commonly caused by:

  • Other drivers making a left-hand turn without first checking for a passing motorcycle
  • Lane filtering, which is when a motorcyclist moves between 2 lanes to surpass traffic stopped at an intersection
  • Road hazards such as potholes, road debris, uneven or wet pavement, and other dangerous road conditions
  • Collisions with fixed objects
  • Overconsumption of alcohol
  • Speeding

While a number of these factors also pose a risk to passenger vehicles, motorcyclists tend to suffer greater harm when an accident occurs.

Frequent causes of car accidents

Commonly seen causes of car accidents include:

Most car accidents are caused by the error of one or more drivers involved in the crash. When a motorcycle is involved in an accident, it is often found that other drivers fail to see the rider on the road. Failure to see a motorcycle can result in a driver cutting off or rear-ending the rider.

Severe Injuries Are More Common in Motorcycle Accidents

Due to the lack of protection and safety features, motorcycle accidents more often result in serious or even fatal injuries to the rider. Even when the motorcyclist is wearing a helmet and other protective gear, he or she is still vulnerable to the hazards of the open road.

Injuries seen more frequently in motorcycle accidents than car accidents include:

Simply hitting a small pothole wrong can result in a devastating motorcycle crash. If you have been seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident, understanding your legal recourse is a key step in regaining your quality of life. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer at Siegfried & Jensen can review the facts of your case and help you build a strong injury claim.

Additional Ways Motorcycle Accidents Are Different From Car Accidents

Operating a motorcycle requires more physical skill and strength than driving a passenger vehicle. Additionally, the motorcycle’s small size, in relation to most motor vehicles, makes it more vulnerable in collisions with larger cars and trucks.

Unique challenges motorcyclists face include:

  • Reduced visibility compared with other vehicles: Other drivers tend not to see motorcycles or know where to check for them
  • Shorter stopping distances: Rear-end accidents often occur when the rear motorist is failing to keep a safe distance
  • Limited outward protection: Without a seatbelt, airbag, or steel cage, motorcyclists are left extremely vulnerable in any crash situation
  • Substantial property loss: An accident that results in mere cosmetic damage to a passenger vehicle may completely total a motorcycle
  • Additional challenges from the insurance company or court: Insurance adjusters and jurors may view riding as a risky or reckless activity and take exception to your injury claim

In view of these and other challenges you may face, when a motorcycle accident occurs, a personal injury lawyer is the advocate you need to explain your legal rights and protect you from being taken advantage of by opposing parties.

Ways Drivers and Motorcyclists Can Protect Themselves and Others on the Road

There will always be an element of danger when driving a car or riding a motorcycle. That being said, whether you are riding a motorcycle or behind the wheel of a passenger vehicle, there is plenty you can do to help mitigate the risks and remain safe on the road.

Safe habits when driving a car

When operating a passenger car, it is wise to:

  • Observe posted speed limits
  • Refrain from texting or talking on the phone while driving
  • Avoid letting your passengers distract you – if necessary, pull over to the side of the road
  • Limit driving during extreme weather
  • Avoid driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Perform routine maintenance on your vehicle

Following these simple practices can do much to reduce the chances of being in a serious accident.

Safe habits when riding a motorcycle

When riding a motorcycle, it is wise to take these safety precautions:

  • Take a safety course and understand the risks and dangers that exist when operating a motorcycle
  • Wear appropriate motorcycle gear, such as a helmet, jacket, and gloves
  • Check the weather conditions before you ride
  • Never ride in a reckless or aggressive manner
  • Make sure your bike has reflectors, and always use your turn signals
  • Do not tailgate
  • Obey traffic laws

Taking such precautions will help make riding your motorcycle a much safer and more enjoyable experience.

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Motorcycle crashes can be particularly devastating. You may be facing a lengthy recovery period, emotional distress, and mounting medical bills. Since you could use the support, now is the time to seek understanding and empathetic legal counsel.

Motorcycle accident claims can be confusing and complicated. At Siegfried & Jensen, we understand that the stakes are high and believe that every accident victim deserves fair and just compensation for his or her pain and suffering. When we take your case, we will use our extensive legal resources and knowledge to build a complete and compelling injury claim for you.

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