When referring to car accidents, most people imagine cars or trucks colliding on a busy highway, creating the worst traffic jam of their lives, while involving vehicles going high rates of speed. Unfortunately, car accidents can occur anywhere vehicles drive.
Although often overlooked, parking lot accidents happen every day across the country. Children running, vehicles tightly packed into confined spaces, physical obstacles, and vehicles traveling along in different directions often create numerous risks for drivers passing through. What makes this type of accident even worse is that it usually occurs close to the driver’s home and often in busy parking lots during holiday seasons.
Understanding the potential risks of parking lots can help you avoid accidents and protect your family from reckless or negligent drivers in parking lots. If you were injured in a parking lot accident, it is crucial to contact Siegfried & Jensen as soon as possible.

Reckless Drivers Causing Parking Lot Accidents

Tips To Prevent Parking Lot AccidentsParking lots are in no way designed for speeding vehicles. Unfortunately, many motorists whip through them quickly. Most drivers are not supposed to exceed 5 miles per hour; however, some do. This places both pedestrians and other drivers in the lot at great danger of sustaining injuries.
In addition to speeding, a lot of motorists misjudge the dangerous nature of driving while in a parking lot. They will engage in distracting activities and lose sight of the lot. A lot of individuals who take their eyes off the parking lot while driving admit to engaging in the following activities:

  • Calling others while driving;
  • Programming the GPS;
  • Texting while behind the wheel;
  • Sending or receiving emails on phones, tablets, or laptop devices;
  • Taking photos while driving;
  • Watching videos; or
  • Doing their hair and makeup.

Acting recklessly while operating a vehicle can cause an accident. If you are injured by someone who is recklessly or negligently driving in a parking lot, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries and other damages you sustain.

Common Damages To Parking Lot Accident Victims

A lot of victims of parking lot accidents are pedestrians. Being outside of a vehicle at the time of the collision increases the risk of victims sustaining serious and life-threatening injuries. Some of the most common injuries sustained in parking lot accidents include:
Back Injuries: Suffering a back injury can dramatically limit a person’s ability to function and get around in the same way to which they were accustomed. These injuries can be extremely painful and life-altering.
Neck Injuries: Whiplash and strains are very common neck injuries for parking lot accident victims. These injuries can take several days to appear but can be extremely painful and overwhelming to deal with.
Head Injuries: Being involved in a parking lot accident places victims at an increased risk of sustaining head injuries. This is especially true when pedestrians are struck by vehicles and thrown against walls or the ground. Their head banging off a vehicle or solid surface can cause a traumatic brain injury, which can result in loss of hearing, loss of vision, or other serious consequences.
Scrapes and Bruises: Scrapes and bruises often happen from broken glass or being thrown onto the ground by the impact of a vehicle. Individuals who are hit at a high rate of speed can slide across the concrete and suffer scrapes and bruises across a large area of their body. These injuries are painful and often take days or weeks to heal.
Broken Bones: Being involved in a parking lot accident increases the risk of victims sustaining broken bones. Broken arms, legs, and ribs can be extremely painful and have long-term consequences for victims. Although some breaks can be minor, some can be catastrophic and require amputation to save the life of the victim.
Internal Injuries: Individuals who are struck by vehicles while walking through parking lots are at risk of sustaining internal injuries. Aside from internal bleeding, victims risk suffering from injuries to their hearts, lungs, kidneys, spleens, and even their bowels. Internal organ injuries require immediate medical attention as they are serious and often fatal if not addressed.

Types Of Parking Lot Accidents

There are various ways a parking lot accident can occur. Some of the most common include:
Two Drivers Backing Into Each Other: These accidents occur when two vehicles are backing out from opposite directions without looking. These individuals may share responsibility for the accident.
A Driver Pulling Forwarding Into Traffic: These accidents occur when the driver pulls out of a parking space and into the lane of traffic. The driver will collide with another vehicle in the process. Sometimes, the driver in the moving vehicle may be at fault if they faulted to yield to oncoming traffic.
Parking Vehicles Collide: In these accidents, drivers often rush into parking spaces at the same time, colliding into one another. Both drivers will bear responsibility in this type of accident; however, the driver who is turning left across the lane may bare more fault.

A Utah Car Accident Attorney Can Help You

If you are ever involved in a parking lot accident, you know just how difficult it can be to prove the other driver at fault. It is crucial to contact an experienced car accident attorney who can investigate your case and file a claim that accurately and adequately proves the other driver is at fault for the injuries you sustained.
At Siegfried & Jensen, we have over 30 years of experience helping accident victims recover the compensation they are entitled to for their injuries. We review accident victims’ cases to determine if they have a claim then we fight aggressively to help them obtain the restitution and justice they deserve. Our 97% success rate demonstrates how compassionate we are about helping accident victims protect their legal rights. Contact the law office of Siegfried & Jensen at (801) 845-9000 to schedule a free case evaluation so we can explore which legal options are available for you.

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