One of the biggest problems with driving is that we are unable to predict the actions of other drivers sharing the roads. Because of this, it is crucial to drive defensively. Driving defensively can help you identify threats on the road in order to respond in a way that ensures your safety.
Unfortunately, no matter how many precautions we take while behind the wheel of a vehicle, other drivers can still act negligently and recklessly in their vehicles, placing our lives at risk. If you or someone you love was involved in a car accident caused by a negligent driver, it is crucial to contact Siegfried & Jensen as soon as possible. You may be able to recover compensation for the damages you sustained.

Defensive Driving Tips

Defensive Driving Tips To Keep You Safe On The RoadSiegfried & Jensen has been providing drivers with defensive driving tips that often help keep them and others safe on the road. Following these tips may protect you and your passengers from negligent and reckless drivers on the road.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

While behind the wheel of a vehicle, it is critical to be aware of your surroundings at all times. You will want to keep your focus on the road in order to identify any erratic drivers, intersections, debris or obstructions, and slow traffic patterns. Anticipate and analyze every possible situation you may face as you drive. There may be potential hazards in the road that require a quick reaction to prevent danger from occurring.

Avoid Distractions While You Are In Control Of Your Vehicle

Distracted driving is a leading cause of car accidents across the United States. Your attention needs to be on the roadways at all times while driving. Losing focus on the road ahead can increase your chances of being involved in a car accident.
While in control of a vehicle, it is crucial that you avoid the following:

  • Avoid using your cellular phone to call or text;
  • Do not engage in distracting conversations with passengers;
  • Do not search for objects in the vehicle;
  • Do not adjust driving features;
  • Do not eat or drink;
  • Do not change GPS directions;
  • Do not groom yourself; and
  • Do not become distracted by objects along the roadways.

All of these actions can place your life and the lives of others at great risk.

Do Not Drive Under The Influence Of Drugs Or Alcohol

While driving, it is imperative to remain sober and alert. You should never drive a vehicle while you have been drinking, sleep deprived, or using drugs. It is illegal to drive a vehicle with a blood alcohol content level above 0.08%, but any type of impairment can cause you to have a delayed response and cause an accident. Although it is often overlooked, being sleep deprived while driving can cause similar impairments as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Keep A Safe Distance From Other Motorists

Ensure there is adequate space between your vehicle and the one in front of you at all times. You will want to have at least two seconds to respond to vehicles in front of you during safe road conditions. In unsafe road conditions, you should leave yourself at least three seconds to respond. An easy way to determine what a safe distance is is to find a fixed object on the side of the road, like a tree or sign. Once the rear bumper of the vehicle ahead of you passes the object, begin counting until your front bumper passes the same object. If you count less than two, slow down a little to increase the distance.

Develop An Escape Plan Before Getting On The Road

Every driver should develop an escape plan they can use during emergencies. You will want to develop a plan applicable to any scenario involving unexpected emergencies or sudden dangers. To develop an effective escape plan, observe other drivers on the road and anticipate any actions that you may need to take. Think ahead how you will react to ensure you have a safe escape. Leave yourself ample time and opportunity to safely maneuver away from any potentially dangerous situations.

Use The Safety Devices On Your Vehicle

Vehicles are equipped with several safety devices. It is imperative for drivers to take advantage of all the vehicle has to offer. Always wear your seat belt and make sure all passengers are wearing theirs anytime the vehicle is on. If you have small children, ensure they are secured properly in car seats at all times.
Newer vehicles often have added safety equipment, like sensors. Learning how to effectively use these and understand the safety systems installed on your vehicle will help you take advantage of every safety warning your vehicle provides.

Drive Safe

Although it may seem obvious, it is crucial for you to drive safely. This is usually the best way to avoid being involved in any traffic accident. Some ways you can drive safe include:

  • Stay within the speed limit;
  • Use turn signals to switch lanes;
  • Follow traffic control devices;
  • Yield to other motorists;
  • Monitor the blind spots of your vehicle;
  • Use headlights appropriately;
  • Prepare for inclement weather;
  • Maintain your vehicle appropriately;
  • Avoid aggressive drivers; and
  • Keep a steady pace.

Following these safe driving practices will help create a safer roadway for everyone.

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