“The Aves” are arguably the most prestigious addresses in Salt Lake City. With roots dating back to 1850, they somehow conjure up a small-town feel just a few minutes from Downtown. Yet, even among the historic homes, quaint coffee shops, and fun trails, accidents happen in this area that can leave anyone in urgent need of legal representation.

Recently, The Avenues neighborhood saw a hit-and-run attack that left a pedestrian unconscious and concussed. In a separate incident, a foundation collapse on 4th Avenue left a construction worker seriously injured. If someone else’s actions have left you injured and suffering financially, you may be entitled to compensation to restore what you have lost.

The offices of Siegfried & Jensen personal injury attorneys are located just minutes from The Avenues in Salt Lake City, UT. We bring over 30 years of experience in fighting and winning personal injury cases for Utah residents to the table. Call us at (801) 845-9000 to tell us your story and explore your legal rights today.

How Siegfried & Jensen Personal Injury Lawyers Make a Difference for Residents of The Avenues

Personal injuries are expensive and seriously inconvenient. With busy lives to get on with, most residents of The Avenues do not have the time to battle insurance companies. We understand you have businesses to run and demanding jobs – that is why Siegfried & Jensen personal injury lawyers are here to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Once we agree to take on your case, we will handle everything. There is no need to talk to an insurance company or negotiate with the defendant’s attorneys.

Our legal team will investigate your accident, negotiate with the other parties, and take your case to court if necessary. This allows you to focus on your recovery and rebuild your life, secure in the knowledge that our attorneys are fighting hard for the best possible settlement.

Siegfried & Jensen’s attorneys focus exclusively on personal injury law, including the following areas:

  • Traffic accidents: Car wrecks, truck crashes, drunk driving accidents, distracted driving incidents, and rideshare accidents
  • Medical injuries: Misdiagnoses, anesthesia errors, prescription mistakes, and surgical errors
  • Other personal injuries: Spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries, dog bites, construction accidents, and defective products

Pedestrian Accidents

While deliberate attacks on pedestrians are relatively rare, in urban areas like The Avenues, pedestrian accidents still happen from time to time. According to the National Safety Council, 84 percent of pedestrian traffic deaths in the US occurred in urban settings in 2022.

It only takes a moment’s inattention from either a driver or pedestrian to cause a life-changing accident. Pedestrian accidents can result in:

  • Concussions
  • Broken bones
  • Soft-tissue damage
  • Spinal cord injuries

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury (such as spinal cord damage) that resulted in paralysis, you may require ongoing medical treatment and caretaker support; with higher support needs come higher financial needs.

If you accept a settlement from an insurance company without working with a personal injury lawyer, you are unlikely to receive sufficient funds to cover the treatment of long-term or severe injuries.

Your personal injury lawyer may be able to work with expert medical and financial witnesses who can realistically assess the long-term impact of your injuries. An attorney can then fight at the negotiating table or in court to get you fair compensation for your financial losses and ongoing suffering.

Slip-and-Fall Accidents

If you slipped and fell on someone else’s property, you may have a case for pursuing compensation. Slip-and-fall accidents often happen due to someone’s negligence – often due to poor cleaning practices, lack of maintenance, or the improper storage of equipment or goods.

Sadly, while getting injured is easy, proving negligence and building a case for compensation is not. This requires an in-depth understanding of Utah premises liability law and of how to demonstrate a clear link between your injuries and the actions or inactions of the negligent party.

Personal injury lawyers have the experience you need to build a strong case that could get you compensation for your losses.

Damages you could recover

Siegfried & Jensen’s personal injury attorneys may be able to help you recover damages for economic losses including:

  •  Medical bills
  •  Lost earnings
  •  Property damaged when you fell
  •  Ongoing treatment, home adaptations, or caretaker expenses

Additionally, personal injury attorneys may be able to build a case for your non-economic damages, which may include:

  •  Pain and suffering
  •  Emotional distress
  •  Scarring or disfigurement
  •  Loss of consortium (ability to enjoy a normal marital relationship)

Seeking compensation when you were partially responsible

If you suspect that your actions partially contributed to your accident, do not quickly conclude that you do not have a case. Personal injury lawyers may be able to use Utah’s comparative negligence laws to help you recover some compensation to rebuild your life.

Imagine, for example, that you slipped and fell while texting. You may have fallen over an obstacle that should not have been there, yet it could be argued that you would have seen and avoided it if you were not distracted.

The defendant’s insurance adjuster or attorney may try to push the responsibility onto you, disqualifying you from receiving compensation. However, if a personal injury lawyer can prove that you were 50 percent or less responsible for the accident, you could still pursue compensation.

Give yourself the best chance of success

Whatever the circumstances of your accident, make sure to consult an experienced Utah personal injury lawyer. Insurance companies do not have your best interests at heart and will try to pressure you to accept a lowball settlement.

On the other hand, a personal injury attorney with Siegfried & Jensen will listen carefully to your story during your initial consultation. He or she will weigh up the points of law that relate to your case and provide his or her opinion on the legal avenue that is most likely to be successful.

If you hire Siegfried & Jensen to represent you, we will use all our legal resources to give you the best chance of recovering maximum compensation.

Justice for Residents of The Avenues in Salt Lake City

For residents of The Avenues, it makes sense to work with a law firm in Salt Lake City that has built up a strong reputation over the last 3 decades. The dedicated personal injury lawyers at Siegfried & Jensen have handled tens of thousands of cases, establishing an outstanding 97 percent success rate.

When you team up with our lawyers, you can expect that:

  • We will answer your questions and address your concerns
  • We will pull together the information needed to build your case
  • We will stand up to the liable party’s insurer and their lawyers to ensure you are treated fairly
  • We will help you seek what you need to recover your old life or adapt to a new one

To learn how our services could benefit you, call (801) 845-9000 for a free case evaluation. Alternatively, fill out our online form, and we will contact you soon.