Once you have lived in East Central for a while, you become familiar with what this charming locale has to offer. If you appreciate art, you might visit the Gilgal Sculpture Garden with your family on the weekend. When a friend is treated at the University of Utah Hospital, you might know precisely where to go to buy a thoughtful gift.

No matter what you need, you are skilled at finding it in your neighborhood or after taking a short trip downtown to Salt Lake City. Yet, a severe injury can shake your confidence. Most people experiencing a traumatic experience for the first time find themselves unsure of what to do and whom to turn to for assistance.

If you live near East Central in Salt Lake City, Utah, the personal injury lawyers of Siegfried & Jensen can assist you in your search for justice. We understand Utah’s unique legal landscape and are ready to put our 30+ years of experience to work for your best interests.

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Recovering Financially After a Personal Injury

Excellent medical care is available in Utah but may come at a steep price.

The medical expenses associated with full recovery after a personal injury accident could include:

  • Ambulance and emergency room charges
  • Hospital bills
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy costs
  • Lab testing fees
  • Prescription drugs
  • Pain management treatment
  • Medical devices
  • Travel expenditures for healthcare treatments

Though medical bills are often the most costly, they may not be the only expenses an accident victim might need to shoulder. For instance, car crash survivors might need to pay for public transportation or a vehicle rental while their cars are being fixed or replaced.

While recuperating after a slip-and-fall accident, some people might have to hire outside help for childcare, lawn and garden services, or other essential household tasks – which their physical condition no longer allows them to do.

These economic burdens might be more manageable if accident victims continued working. Yet, many victims experience a loss of income soon after their accident due to a temporary inability to work. For others, permanent disabilities require them to change careers or leave the workplace.

Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit is one means to get back on your feet financially. An experienced attorney can help you seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage.

Healing Mentally and Emotionally

Indeed, accidents hurt more than your wallet. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, traumatic events can affect people emotionally and physically. What can you do about your emotional distress?

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, you might be eligible to receive money for non-economic damages:

  • Are you in pain?
  • Are you suffering because your injuries prevent you from participating in activities you once enjoyed?
  • Does the trauma of your experience continue to haunt you, perhaps even disturbing your sleep or appetite?
  • Have you experienced uncharacteristic fatigue, depression, or feelings of anxiety?
  • Is it difficult or impossible to keep up with daily tasks?
  • Does a disfigurement like a scar or an amputation make you feel less confident in your appearance?

These financial awards hold the at-fault party liable for the mental and emotional anguish caused by their behavior. Consult your personal injury attorney to learn how to seek compensation for your non-economic losses.

Maximizing Your Personal Injury Settlement

The adage “less is more” does not apply to financial compensation for victims of accidents and intentional harm. The more money you receive for your claim, the easier it will be to pay your accident-related debt and get on with your life. Your personal injury can point out some steps you can take to ensure you get a fair settlement.

Keep your appointments

After an accident, get immediate medical treatment. Following your physician’s treatment plan can strengthen your case.

If you don’t feel well or have trouble finding a ride, it might be tempting to cancel your doctor visits. If you do, the lawyer for the at-fault party could try to turn this fact against you. For instance, he or she might accuse you of faking the severity of your injuries.

Act promptly

With few exceptions, Utah accident victims have but 3 or 4 years to file for property or personal injury damages. You must start your claim before this statute of limitations expires. Beginning your claim as soon as possible gives your attorney the needed time to gather evidence and build a solid case.

Keep good records

Accurate records are an essential part of a well-supported personal injury case. You should keep copies of documentation related to purchases, medical treatment, and interaction with other involved parties and share them with your lawyer. You can also keep a journal of your non-economic struggles, such as your pain levels and sleepless nights.

Capitalizing on Siegfried & Jensen’s Expertise

Hiring a law firm located near East Central offers various advantages. Utah lawyers are familiar with the regulations specific to this state, enabling them to offer you valuable insights to benefit your case. Yet, distance is only one of the factors you should consider when choosing an attorney.

At Siegfried & Jensen, we aim to safeguard your rights and maximize your compensation. Some lawyers think lawsuits are always the correct answer, but our attorneys understand each case is unique. We look beyond the surface to search for the best solutions to legal problems.

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