As you go about your daily life, you hope never to experience a serious injury. The truth is that unexpected accidents injure Orem, Utah, residents every day.

Whether you were injured while walking home with your groceries from Harmon’s, driving to dinner at Mi Ranchito, or biking to the Provo River trail, the personal injury lawyers at Siegfried & Jensen are here to help.

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The Benefits of Working With a Local Personal Injury Lawyer

Some personal injury law firms may offer services to potential clients across the country, regardless of where they live or where the accident occurred. However, working with a local personal injury lawyer offers a number of benefits, such as the confidence that your lawyer has knowledge of local laws, as well as local contacts and experts.

Knowledge of local laws

One reason why it is an advantage to work with a local law firm is that not only are personal injury laws different in each state, but many cases also require familiarity with the local laws of the municipality or county.

For example, many counties or municipalities have their own regulations in place to prevent injury – such as snow removal or property management and maintenance. Another major difference between each state’s personal injury laws is the role fault plays in recovering compensation.

Local contacts and experts

Personal injury firms often work with a number of other professionals and experts to build a strong case for their clients. For example, this might include working with crash reconstruction experts or medical professionals. A local personal injury firm will be familiar with local contacts, which is invaluable when building a case.

In addition to having access to local experts and professionals, a local law firm will also likely be familiar with local organizations and resources that are available to offer support to injury victims. These references can help their clients receive additional support after their accident.

Personal Injury Cases Our Orchard South Team Can Handle

At Siegfried & Jensen, our legal team has worked on countless personal injury cases. Some common types of personal injury cases our personal injury lawyers near Orchard South have worked with include slip-and-falls, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, dog bites, and medical malpractice injuries.


A slip and fall injury can happen anywhere, but snow and ice can make winter slip-and-fall accidents more likely.

City ordinance requires property owners, occupants, tenants, and lessees to keep sidewalks free from ice and snow. Despite this, however, every year slip and fall injuries occur.

Car accidents

Car accidents are one of the largest causes of personal injury both across the country and the state. According to the Utah Department of Public Safety’s Highway Safety Office 2023 data, 280 people died, and 26,633 injuries occurred in car accidents, that year.

Pedestrian accidents

Living in a walkable community like Orchard South has many advantages. Enjoying the fresh air and getting exercise is good for both physical and mental health. However, pedestrians are always at greater risk on the road.

Dog bites

Utahans are certainly dog lovers. According to a survey referenced by one news source, Salt Lake City has more households with dogs than children – and Orem is no different.

While often a source of joy and companionship, there are times when a dog is not man’s best friend. Dog attacks can result in serious injuries with permanent damage or even be fatal.

The Role Your Orchard South Personal Injury Lawyer Plays

When you work with a personal injury lawyer at our firm, you can expect him or her to:

  • Listen to your story
  • Explain your legal options
  • Work for your best interests

Listen to your story

The first thing we want to do is listen to your story. We understand that no two personal injury cases are the same. During your 100-percent-free initial consultation, we will listen to you and learn what happened and how you and your family have been affected by your injuries.

We will take the time to answer your questions and help you understand the legal issues at play in your potential case.

Explain your legal options

Initially, you may not be sure if you even have a basis for a personal injury claim. Our team will explain the legal options available to you so you can make an informed decision about your future.

For example, compensation may be available through either an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. Your lawyer can provide you with information on the differences between these processes and help you make the choice best for you and your family.

Work for your best interests

When you work with a personal injury lawyer, he or she is on your side. On the other hand, insurance companies have an incentive to devalue a claim.

However, there is no advantage for your personal injury lawyer to settle for less. You can be sure that your attorney will fight for you to recover full compensation for your injuries.

In civil cases such as personal injury law, there is often the question of accepting a settlement or going to court. Your lawyer will represent your best interests no matter what happens in your case.

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At Siegfried & Jensen, we have been helping the people of Utah for over 30 years. You shouldn’t have to handle the aftermath of your injuries alone. Having one of our personal injury lawyers on your side can help you feel confident and relieved.

While you focus on your health and recovery, you can rest easy knowing that your legal team is handling your case, ensuring all deadlines are respected and paperwork is filed properly. In addition, your lawyer will make sure that the insurance company isn’t harassing you while you recover.

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