Cascade is famous in Orem for both its natural beauty and convenient location. With the I-15 close by, it is convenient for commuting to Salt Lake City and beyond. However, even life in this idyllic location is occasionally shattered by moments of negligence that lead to months or years of pain.

In 2023, an estimated 751 injuries resulted from vehicle accidents in Orem alone. In a 2021 tragedy, one man lost his life in a collision between a motorcycle and another vehicle in Orem. We never know when such catastrophic events will strike; at such times, we require the assistance of an experienced Orem personal injury lawyer to help us seek compensation for what we have lost.

If you are a Cascade resident who is in pain and needs justice after a personal injury, we at the Orem office of Siegfried & Jensen are ready to hear your story. A free case evaluation could be your first step on the road to justice and compensation. Call (801) 845-9000 to talk to a compassionate personal injury lawyer, or fill out our contact form, and we will get in touch soon.

Crucial Facts About Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Near Cascade in Orem, UT

Hiring personal injury lawyers for your Cascade case could have unexpected benefits. Not only can we fight for maximum compensation on your behalf, but by taking much of the stress off your shoulders, we could even support your recovery.

One study found that stress can have an impact on how long your body takes to heal, so reducing your stress could help you feel better sooner.

So put the legal burden on us. The personal injury lawyers of Siegfried & Jenson can take on a wide range of cases on behalf of Cascade residents, including:

  •  All types of vehicle accident cases
  •  Medical malpractice
  •  Premises liability
  •  Dog bites
  •  Workplace accidents

Benefits of hiring a Cascade personal injury lawyer

Other benefits of working with an Orem personal injury lawyer include:

  • Knowledge of Utah law: Siegfried & Jensen personal injury lawyers have extensive knowledge of Utah personal injury law and years of experience in successfully fighting cases similar to yours. They may be able to spot avenues to compensation you had never considered before. Personal injury lawyers can also determine how to build the strongest case for compensation that can withstand scrutiny from the opposing counsel and at trial if needed.
  • Understanding the other side: We all know that insurance companies do not have our best interests at heart. The crucial advantage personal injury lawyers bring to the table is their experience with the tactics insurance adjusters use to try to undermine your case. They know how to overcome these tactics to secure a more favorable settlement than if you were to go it alone.
  • Local knowledge: Personal injury lawyers representing Cascade residents know the local court system and the people working in it. It may be easier to navigate the system with a respected Orem personal injury lawyer on your side.
  • Building a strong case: Personal injury lawyers will know what evidence they must gather to strengthen your case. This may include police reports, eyewitness statements, and evidence from the scene of the accident, such as photos or video surveillance footage.
  • Calculating your losses: An attorney can build a clear picture of your total losses by adding up your medical expenses, lost wages, and the cost of any property damage in the accident. He or she can also estimate your future medical costs and lost earnings or loss of earning potential to ensure that you have sufficient compensation to cover your long-term needs.
  • Considering non-monetary losses: Personal injuries often bring on intangible losses that cannot easily be labeled with a dollar figure. From pain and suffering to loss of enjoyment of family life, a personal injury lawyer can dig deep into how your life has been affected – and fight to win compensation for you.

After building a strong case, a Cascade personal injury attorney will begin negotiations with the other party’s insurance company or lawyers. It may take some time to agree on a settlement that both sides find acceptable.

If it is not possible to agree at the negotiating table, a personal injury lawyer can represent you at trial. However, up until the trial begins, it is still possible for the two parties to agree on a settlement. If this does not happen, a judge or jury will make the judgment on liability and damages.

How Personal Injury Lawyers Assist Motorcycle Accident Victims

Many would argue that there is no better way to enjoy the scenery around Cascade in Orem than on a motorcycle. Yet, not all rides end well, with 19 motorcycle crashes taking place in Orem in 2023.

Challenges in motorcycle cases

Motorcycle accidents can pose unique challenges. For a start, injuries can be particularly severe as the motorbike itself offers virtually no physical protection to the rider in a collision. There can also be a bias against motorcyclists as some may display dangerous behavior, such as weaving between other vehicles and speeding.

How personal injury lawyers meet the challenge

Proving liability may be a challenge, but a personal injury lawyer can rise to the occasion in assisting you. He or she may be able to point to factors such as the liable party’s driving record, evidence from the scene, and the expert opinion of accident reconstruction specialists to demonstrate who was truly at fault.

Personal injury attorneys can also handle all communications with the insurance companies so that you are not ensnared by the adjusters’ tactics.

Trusted Personal Injury Attorneys for the People of Cascade in Orem

If you are a Cascade resident who has been blindsided by an accident, you want to place your case in a safe pair of hands. While each case has its own challenges and opportunities, the winning track record of Siegfried & Jensen personal injury lawyers speaks for itself.

In over 35,000 cases handled for the people of Utah and the surrounding states, we have established a success rate of 97 percent. So far, we have recovered more than $1.2 billion for our clients over the past decades.

Now is the time to find out what our personal injury attorneys can do for you. Schedule a free case evaluation today by calling (801) 845-9000 or filling out our contact form, and we will get back to you very soon.