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Meridian is such an appealing location that the city has experienced impressive growth. In fact, it claimed the title of Idaho’s top boomtown in a recent piece that considered data from the Census Bureau. However, constant activity means it’s more likely for you or a loved one to experience an accident and require the services of a personal injury lawyer in Meridian, ID.

If that’s the case, find out what you need to look for in a law firm. Also, discover the types of cases that our team at Siegfried & Jensen covers.

When Should You Call a Personal Injury Lawyer in Meridian, ID?

Sitting just outside of the Boise metropolitan area, Meridian is the second-largest city in Idaho. The vibrant culture, outdoor activities and abundant shopping make it a family-friendly atmosphere. For example, the city proudly boasts over 25 parks for a refreshing time in nature, including the Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park.

For those who love the thrill of motorsports, the Meridian Speedway has been a mainstay for over 70 years and now has a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. Whether you want shopping, dining, art galleries, amusement parks or historic sights like the Meridian Idaho Temple, Meridian has it all.

At the same time, you could end up with an injury during any of these normally harmless activities, either because of someone’s carelessness or even out of spite. In such cases, a personal injury lawyer in Meridian, ID, helps you pursue maximum compensation.

Common examples include the steady increase in automobile crashes in Meridian. In 2022, there were 2,018. Idaho State University also reports that slips, trips and falls make up 15% of accidental deaths. Furthermore, though no one goes to work expecting to get hurt, at least two Idaho residents die every month on average from on-the-job injuries.

These figures aren’t here to scare anyone, but they demonstrate the need to be ready to take action to get justice when such incidents happen.

Which Cases Can You Bring to Our Meridian, ID Personal Injury Law Firm?

No matter the type of injury or accident you’re dealing with, a personal injury lawyer in Meridian, ID, from our team at Siegfried & Jensen can handle it.

Automobile Accidents

With the location’s striking growth comes more vehicles on the road and, with that, more collisions. Different types of motor vehicle accidents have distinct considerations, and we can deal with any of them.

If your accident involves a commercial truck, company car, rideshare service or government vehicle, we’ll take it. We can also help you establish the facts in cases that involve drunk, distracted or drowsy drivers.

Boat Accidents

We understand the nuances surrounding boating accidents as well. These can occur because residents and visitors alike love to take to the waters in the area. Reach out to a personal injury lawyer in Meridian, ID, at Siegfried & Jensen if you need someone to guide you through such a case.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Cyclists and pedestrians are the most vulnerable on the roads. Unfortunately, drivers don’t always respect your rights and yield when necessary.

Without the built-in protection a car or truck offers, you can sustain intense injuries that last a lifetime. If an accident occurs, you deserve compensation.

Premises Liability Cases

The situation can get more complicated when you have a premises liability case, which often involves those deceptively dangerous slips, trips and falls. In such cases, you may have to deal with a legal team that comes ready to fight or nickel-and-dime every piece of compensation their client owes you. With a personal injury lawyer in Meridian, ID, on your side from our team, you can fight back just as hard.

Workplace Accidents

Workers’ comp should be easy, but its limitations and restrictions can be frustrating to deal with while you’re recuperating. We take the load of filing off of you.

What could be of even greater importance is your right to still file a personal injury claim if there was third-party negligence or your company had safety violations. Let us help you figure things out.

Medical Malpractice and Nursing Home Abuse

Poor or neglectful medical care is distressing for victims and their families. Once again, when you try to resolve these issues, you have to account for the experienced legal team of a doctor or the facility.

See us whenever an anesthesia error, misdiagnosis, medication error or defective device has caused you or a loved one injuries. A personal injury lawyer in Meridian, ID, from our team also gets justice for the most vulnerable members of the population — babies and their mothers who have childbirth injuries and senior citizens facing nursing home abuse.

Defective Products

The liable party in a defective product case can vary depending on whether the issue arose from poor design, faulty manufacturing or deceptive marketing. Also, corporations utilize different entities and legal maneuvers to shield themselves from responsibility.

You won’t have to figure out who to sue with our team assisting you. Years of experience equip us to know how to handle your case as your personal injury lawyer in Meridian, ID.

Dog Bites

If someone’s dog bites you for no reason, the owner should pay for your medical bills and any psychological trauma you experience. You can even recover damages for an injury that occurs when an animal jumps on you playfully.

Wrongful Death

The most painful personal injury cases involve the loss of a loved one. If any of the preceding circumstances led to the death of a family member, you have a right to justice. We will manage your wrongful death case with the care and compassion it deserves.

Is there a type of incident on the list that you were looking for and didn’t see? You can still contact our Meridian, ID personal injury law firm for a free case review to help you understand your options.

Why Choose Siegfried & Jensen?

Working with a personal injury lawyer in Meridian, ID, is about more than finding someone with a lot of legal knowledge. During a challenging time, you need someone who supports you and your family.

Family values and community service are at the foundation of what we do at Siegfried & Jensen, which is why clients have trusted us with over 35,000 cases during the last 30-plus years. If you need to see for yourself, discuss your case with us for free to find out more.

What Damages Can You Claim in a Personal Injury Suit?

Idaho allows you to claim compensatory damages for personal injuries. First, these involve specific financial losses, such as medical bills, property repair or replacement, lost wages, legal fees and related expenses. Additionally, if your injuries or the death of a loved one causes psychological harm, mental anguish or emotional trauma, you can request monetary compensation for these noneconomic losses.

Rare punitive damages are possible when the at-fault party’s actions were particularly egregious. They might involve fraud, oppression or maliciousness. This type of recovery has its limitations and is only for exceptional cases. Still, it doesn’t hurt to ask a personal injury lawyer in Meridian, ID, whether your situation qualifies.

Why Not Just Negotiate With the Insurance Company on Your Own?

Insurance serves a valuable purpose, and a lot of good people in the industry try to help others. However, these are also large companies that make profits the same way any business does — by paying out less than they take in.

Consequently, the insurer is only going to offer a settlement for the most obvious losses and requires you to prove anything beyond that. This is especially true when it comes to your noneconomic damages or future medical bills.

It’s a lot of legwork to get the necessary paperwork to prove what compensation your injuries merit. Plus, remember that a settlement is final, so you can’t come back later and ask for more funds for expenses you didn’t foresee.

That’s why the help of a personal injury lawyer in Meridian, ID, protects you and your family. We have experience investigating these matters and helping you figure out how much you’ll need so you can recover the full damages for your claim.

What Steps Should You Take After an Accident?

After any kind of an accident, do a few things to protect yourself and your case:

  1. Get to a safe spot away from any other danger.
  2. After checking on your well-being and that of anyone with you, seek medical attention.
  3. Get any evidence or documentation from the scene if you can do so safely, including the contact information of other parties and witnesses or photos and videos of the scene.
  4. Report the incident to the proper authorities to have an official record of the event.
  5. Contact your personal injury lawyer in Meridian, ID, to determine what else you should do.

You may also have to report the incident to your own insurance company, but our lawyers can advise you on what to say or communicate with them for you.

How Do You Reach a Personal Injury Lawyer in Meridian, ID From Our Team?

A personal injury lawyer in Meridian, ID, from Siegfried & Jensen is always ready to help if you or a loved one sustained a serious injury from an accident.

Contact us on our website or call (208) 203-8350.