Any type of injury is devastating. Going through a long and painful recovery has a major impact on a victim’s life, mental health, and physical wellbeing. Unfortunately, seeing our children struggle from injuries is far worse pain than any parent could ever imagine.
As parents, one of our worst fears is that something will happen to our children. We work hard to protect them and keep them safe on all occasions. Unfortunately, there are many instances where we are not going to be around to ensure their safety at all times. Every year, over 150 children across Utah lose their lives due to unintentional injuries. Sadly, hundreds more are injured across our state, causing devastation to children and their families.
After learning your child was injured and making sure they are ok, parents immediately begin to question what happened. What caused the injury? Who is to blame for the trauma caused to your child? In cases where children are injured, there are many parties who can be held liable. Utah personal injury attorneys from Siegfried & Jensen have over 30-years of experience helping accident victims, and their families get the compensation and justice they deserve from undue harm.

What Type Of Injuries Can Happen To Children?

Like with adults, there are many injuries that children can sustain. Unfortunately, most common injuries to children are sustained in schools, neighborhoods, and other areas that they frequently inhabit. This is true simply because your child is more likely to be in these areas playing around. Some of the most common injuries sustained by children include:

Unfortunately, these injuries can be quite devastating for children, especially those too young to understand what is going on.

Common Occurrences Of Child Injuries

There are many causes for child injuries in our state. Unfortunately, a lot of injuries sustained could be prevented if the at-fault party was more careful with their actions. Sadly, car accidents continue to be the leading cause of both unintentional injuries to children and the leading cause of death for children under 19-years of age.
Children under five years of age are at an increased risk for choking injuries, especially when a small part from toys break off and become dislodged in their throats. Furthermore, very small children are at an increased risk of sustaining suffocation injuries while sleeping. This is particularly true in cases where infants sleep with stuffed animals, too many blankets, and pillows. Toddlers and teenagers, especially males, are at an increased risk of drowning.
If your child is injured, due to another party’s neglect, contact a Utah personal injury attorney as soon as possible. You may be able to hold those at fault liable for injuries and damages.

Who Is To Blame For The Injury?

When children are involved, it is imperative for parents and other adults around to take precautions to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, no matter how many safety checks and routines people conduct, there is never a sure way to prevent accidents from happening 100% of the time.
There are many reasons why children are injured. Unfortunately, as parents, there are no many things we can do to prevent them from happening. When children are injured, there are various parties who can be held liable for the injuries sustained. Some of the most common responsible parties for personal injury claims involving children include:

  • School employees;
  • Property owners;
  • Toy manufacturers;
  • Toy retailers;
  • Daycare providers;
  • Teachers;
  • Healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, dentists, etc.);
  • Other parents;
  • School sports coaches;
  • School sports players; and
  • Motorists.

When it comes to determining who is specifically responsible for your child’s injuries, it is crucial to contact a personal injury lawyer in Utah as soon as possible. Determining fault is an extremely complicated procedure. By hiring an accident injury attorney in Utah to assist with your claim, you will be more equipped to investigate the incident and determine the true liability party. Furthermore, a legal representative will help you determine the best legal course of action to obtain justice and compensation for your child.
What Damages Are Available For Child Injury Victims
In Utah, child injury victims and their families are able to hold at-fault parties liable in civil court for their actions. In doing so, victims and families can obtain compensation to cover various costs incurred as a result of the incident. Some of the most common awards provided to victims include:

  • Compensation to cover all past, current, and future medical expenses incurred as the result of injuries sustained;
  • Lost wages for parents who have to take time off work to help their child through recovery;
  • Lost wages for teenagers who are unable to work due to their injuries;
  • Pain and suffering to cover the physical impacts injuries have on victims;
  • Mental anguish to cover the mental impacts injuries have on victims;

In some cases, victims are able to obtain punitive damages for their claims. These awards are provided to victims who unnecessarily suffered due to extreme negligence of the at-fault party. Working with a reputable personal injury attorney in Utah will ensure you obtain the maximum amount of compensation for your claim.

How A Utah Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Utah accident injury attorneys at Siegfried & Jensen have over three decades of experience helping accident victims and their families get a full and fair amount of compensation for their claims. We help those harmed get the justice they deserve from those at fault. Since 1990, we have helped over 35,000 accident victims get the maximum amount of compensation for their claims.
Our attorneys work diligently to help victims put together their legal claims, investigate circumstances surrounding their incidents, hiring expert re-creation specialists when necessary, hire financial experts, and interview witnesses. Victims who hire our law firm can focus on their recovery while ensuring their legal rights are protected. If a negligent person or party injured your child, contact our law firm at (801) 945-9000 to schedule a free case evaluation as soon as possible.

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