You decide to head out on a cool, sunny day to enjoy the fresh air and, all of a sudden, a dog runs out of nowhere. You may know immediately the dog is dangerous, or it may act friendly as it approaches you. Then, without warning, it strikes.
Dog bites are often injuries we do not expect. A dog bite can come from your own dog, a family member’s dog, or even a random dog on the street or in the park. Each year, over four million Americans sustain dog bites. Unfortunately, over half of the victims are children.
We do not usually anticipate dog bites, nor are we able to imagine the severity in which they can occur. Dog bites can range from minor to extremely serious, and sometimes even fatal. If a dog ever bites you, it is critical to act quickly. The minutes following a dog bite are very important and can make a major difference in your health and legal abilities.

Dog Bites Can Occur Suddenly

Treating Your Injuries After A Dog BiteDog bites are something we never expect. When they occur, they are often sudden and terrifying. It is extremely common for dog bite victims to experience shock and shake off the injuries as if they are no big deal. Alternatively, it is critical that you understand what you need to do to treat a dog bite for yourself or someone else.

How To Treat The Dog Bite

Take Note Of The Dog Bite: The minutes following the incident are extremely important. Take note of the time, location, and the type of dog that was involved in the incident. Note any identifying features of the dog. Was the dog on a leash? Was the owner around? If so, collect the owner’s contact information as you will need this in the future.
Ask the owner if the dog is current on all of its vaccinations. A dog that is not up to date on medical treatment can wreak havoc and cause infections, rabies, or various other problems for dog bite victims.
Make an assessment of the bite. Is it in one location or several? How deep are the wounds? Recognize if the skin is punctured or torn. Have a friend gather information for you if you are the one who sustained the bite.
Apply Pressure Immediately: Dog bites can be quite extensive. They can result in severe bleeding and can be life-threatening in some victims. It is critical to stop any bleeding or swelling that may occur. Wrap the bite tightly with a towel or a piece of clothing. Apply as much pressure as possible and keep the bite elevated if possible to restrict the blood flow to the location until you can receive proper medical attention.
Clean Out The Wound: It is important that you wash the wound carefully with soap and water. Rinsing the wound very thoroughly is necessary to remove all saliva, debris, and virulent deposits. Not washing the bites properly can lead to severe infections and further complications. Even if cleaning the wound causes pain, it is a critical part of the care process to ensure the severity of the wound does not increase.
Apply Adequate Bandaging: After washing the dog bite, and each day following the incident, it is critical to evaluate the wound. You will need to monitor any changes in size, any swelling, and if there is any discoloration. The dog bite should shrink in size gradually and return to a normal color over time.
If there are any rings of red, increased swelling, or any oozing at the site of the bite, it can indicate an infection. Infections can be life-threatening if they are not adequately addressed. Applying antibiotic ointment to the dog bite, and wrapping the wounds with fresh, sterile bandages can help prevent an infection from occurring.
Get Medical Attention: Unless the dog bite is superficial and minor in nature, it is critical to contact a doctor as soon as possible. A medical professional can advise you as to whether you need immediate medical attention or if you should just call if the bite does not heal within a specified time.
If you are considering whether you should file a legal claim against the owner, you will need to seek immediate medical attention after the dog bite occurs. You will need to obtain a doctor report regarding your injuries in order to ensure your claim goes the right way.

Other Concerns After Dog Bites

Quite often, dog bite victims endure mental anguish in addition to their physical injuries. They may suffer from anxiety and fear. Cases where victims experience severe, life-threatening injuries from dogs can result in a victim developing a posttraumatic stress disorder, which can have a major impact on a victim’s ability to function from day to day.
If you sustain a dog bite and you are suffering mental anguish or emotional suffering as a result, it is critical to seek the help of a professional. You may require medication or counseling in order to achieve a sense of peace and help you cope with the trauma of the incident.

Hire A Utah Dog Bite Attorney For Your Case

Individuals who suffer, physically and mentally, from dog bites may be able to recover compensation for their injuries. Having to deal with excruciating pain, stacking medical expenses, and debilitating mental anguish can take a toll on a victim’s life.
At Siegfried & Jensen, we understand the struggles that dog bite victims deal with every day following the incident. We handle every case with care and compassion in order to help dog bite victims obtain the full and fair amount of restitution they deserve for their injuries.
If you sustained a dog bite injury, it is critical to call Siegfried & Jensen as soon as possible at (801) 845-9000 to schedule a case evaluation. Our team of experienced dog bite attorneys works diligently to ensure all clients obtain the best possible outcome for their case that provides them the remuneration and justice they deserve.

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