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Any time you suffer an injury through no fault of your own, you have the right to seek compensation for your losses. The challenge is you typically only have one chance to get it right because trial awards and insurance settlements are final. In other words, you can’t go back and request additional payment for future damages that result from an incident.

That’s one of the reasons why working with experienced personal injury lawyers can benefit you. What kinds of cases do our personal injury attorneys take, and how can we help you get justice after an accident?

Learn the advantages of hiring legal counsel and how our team at Siegfried and Jensen can help with your case.

How Our Personal Injury Lawyers Help You

Our personal injury lawyers do more than represent you at trial. In fact, we take steps to recover fair compensation before your claim even has to get to that point.

Offering A Free Initial Consultation

For starters, we’ll provide you with a complimentary consultation with no obligation so you understand what your options are. Then, it’s up to you whether you want to collaborate with us.

Handling Paperwork, Investigations and Documentation

When you decide to work with us, we’ll take the lead on all of the paperwork and filing requirements so you can focus on getting better. Our team can even investigate the incident, look for all possible areas of compensation and determine who the liable parties are.

If necessary, we’ll obtain statements from bystanders and gather reports and recordings about the incident. If you need expert testimony to confirm certain facts, we can arrange that, too.

We can also refer you to medical professionals to make sure you get documentation of the full impacts of your injuries. If you suffered property damage, our personal injury lawyers also help you get estimates for the cost of repair or replacement.

Providing Competent Legal Information and Advice

Unfortunately, you can’t get sound and specific legal advice by just reading information on the internet. Each case is unique and requires a careful review of the facts. By working with us, we can advise you on things you can say or do to strengthen and protect your case. As you move through the process, we keep you informed about your case and answer your questions.

Representing You Before Insurance Companies

In most personal injury cases, you can settle with an insurance company, saving time and expenses. However, you will have to prove all of your losses to the insurer. These companies generally use the same standards as the courts to determine what they offer you in recoverable damages. Therefore, getting a fair settlement requires understanding the law and establishing the basis for each claim.

The insurance company is not going to do that legwork for you and will probably present a lowball offer that only covers the most obvious aspects of your claim. Also, adjusters will ask questions that can cause you to unintentionally minimize your claim.

Our personal injury lawyers at Siegfried and Jensen will represent you before the insurance company and communicate on your behalf. With years of experience dealing with these companies and their legal teams, we understand their tactics and know how to protect your compensation.

The Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Accidents can happen to anyone through a variety of circumstances. In general, we find that the most common personal injuries result from:

  • Car, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Product defects and malfunctions
  • Dog bites and pet attacks
  • Premise liability claims for slips, trips and falls

Physical and emotional harm results from these incidents every day in Nevada, as recent statistics show.

For example, the number of serious injuries in Nevada traffic accidents jumped to 1,094 in 2021. Fatalities also increased and involved 385 people. That means that, on average, one person dies in a traffic accident daily, and another three sustain serious injuries.

Likewise, due to the amount of time people spend at work and the many types of hazardous jobs, the workplace is another location where injuries often occur. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 34,600 nonfatal on-the-job injuries and illnesses in Nevada for 2022. This incident rate was even higher than the national average.

No matter the type of injury you suffer, our personal injury lawyers are able to represent you. If an accident results in the death of a loved one, we will help your family file a wrongful death suit with a survival action to recover any damages your loved one suffered and the losses your family endures.

The Time Limit for Filing Personal Injury Claims in Nevada

The statute of limitations in Nevada for filing personal injury cases is typically two years from the date of the incident. In situations where the at-fault party is a government entity or employee, you must first file a claim with that department within the initial 180 days before any other legal action.

Contacting our personal injury lawyers helps you avoid missing this deadline, but you don’t want to wait until you get close to the cutoff before asking for help. Getting assistance soon after the incident can ensure that you can preserve valuable evidence and have access to more reliable witness testimony.

Moreover, the longer you wait to start your case, the longer it will take you to recover compensation, which can put a financial strain on you and your family. Plus, you can gain peace of mind by entrusting your case to our Nevada personal injury firm, knowing you have solid representation.

The Damages You Can Seek in a Personal Injury Claim 

You can pursue three types of compensation after an accident.

1. Economic Damages

Economic damages cover your measurable monetary losses that result from the injury. These include:

  • Medical expenses for treatment and equipment
  • Lost earnings from time off work
  • The future loss of earning capacity if you suffer long-term injuries
  • Repair or replacement of any damaged property

You can also request related costs you incur due to your injury. For example, you may need home or vehicle modifications for a disability. Other out-of-pocket costs for travel to treatment are another expense you can recover.

Our personal injury lawyers help you gather and organize the necessary documentation. This prevents insurance companies from disputing these claims.

2. Noneconomic Damages

If you deal with intangible losses after your injury, noneconomic damages will address these. This type of compensation is hard to quantify, but our personal injury lawyers use proven legal strategies to help you maximize these claims as well.

Noneconomic damages typically involve:

  • Emotional and psychological distress after the accident
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability and disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Noneconomic damages also cover the negative impact the injury has on family relationships. If physical or emotional wounds impair the ability to give and receive affection or participate in activities that you once enjoyed with family members, this can cause great distress and merit noneconomic compensation.

3. Punitive Damages

Punitive damages seek to punish an at-fault party for flagrant negligence instead of serving as compensation. They also deter others from engaging in similar conduct.

If your compensatory damages exceed $100,000, Nevada laws limit punitive damages to three times the amount of that compensation. For lesser amounts, you can fight for up to $300,000 in punitive damages.

This demonstrates another reason why it is important to fight for any and all compensatory damages you can get with the help of our personal injury lawyers. While punitive damages are rare, you have a greater chance of recovering them with proper legal counsel.

The Cost To Hire a Nevada Personal Injury Law Firm

Some people hesitate to ask for help from a Nevada personal injury law firm because they worry about the cost. With Siegfried and Jensen, you will not have to pay anything out of pocket for our services.

The reason is we only get paid if we are able to win your case for you. Your settlement will cover our fees in addition to reimbursing you, so you can relieve yourself of the worry of the legal process and focus on recuperating with our assistance.

Reasons To Choose Siegfried and Jensen as Your Personal Injury Attorneys

You may wonder what makes Siegfried and Jensen reliable personal injury lawyers. First of all, we have over 30 years of experience helping people who have suffered needless injuries or death. Furthermore, we have won over $1.2 billion for clients after handling over 35,000 cases.

We have also assembled a team of attorneys who are active members of our communities and dozens of employees who ensure we leave no stone unturned while fighting your case. If you need more proof that we offer competent and compassionate service, just check out our reviews. Hundreds of satisfied clients have given us positive ratings.

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