Motorcycle safety is crucial for riders. They are more vulnerable during collisions, so motorcyclists and other drivers should be safe when riding or driving near other motorcycles. There are a few things to keep in mind when operating a motorcycle. Proper training should be priority number one, along with keeping yourself and others safe on the road. Motorcyclists should also take care of their bike and prevent any mechanical issues that could result in injury. We are going to take a look at some of the training tips regarding motorcycle safety and how to properly maintain and take care of your motorcycle. 

Motorcycle Safety Training

To become well trained, you have to be fully aware of how to operate a motorcycle. This takes time and practice, but there are some tips to keep in mind to provide for everyone’s safety when riding a motorcycle:

  • Become trained and licensed. Appropriate training courses or reading manuals will help to improve your knowledge of motorcycles and how to handle difficult scenarios. Licenses are required for anyone who wants to ride a motorcycle. 
  • Wear proper safety gear. You should wear appropriate safety gear at all times.
    • Helmet. Although not a requirement in the state of Utah, it is advised that all riders wear a helmet. 
    • Goggles and eyewear. Wearing goggles or any kind of eye protection is crucial for keeping you safe from the elements, such as wind, rain, bugs, or dirty that could impact your driving. 
    • Protective clothing. Motorcyclists wear clothing that is made from leather or other man-made materials. Wear clothing that gives extra protection to your shoulders, elbows, and knees. Your pant legs should cover the top of your shoe and should be made of denim or leather. Always wear long sleeves or even a jacket made of strong materials that cover the shoulders. 
    • Gloves and gauntlets. You should wear gloves to protect your hands in the event you fall off your motorcycle. Full fingered gloves work best. 
    • Motorcycle boots. Boots offer the perfect kind of protection for motorcycle riding. Shoes should be made of leather and cover the ankles. 
  • Never ride impaired on alcohol or other drugs. Engaging in this kind of driving behavior can potentially result in serious consequences, both physically and financially. You should never put others or yourself in danger by operating a bike while intoxicated.
  • Ride within your own limits. You may think you can, but when you engage in risky maneuvers that require a great level of skill, you are at greater risk of being injured or involved in a crash. 
  • Never stop learning. Just because you got your license doesn’t mean you should stop learning. You should always brush up in order to stay up-to-date with current safety procedures and improvements in motorcycles. 

Maintenance Manual

Utah Motorcycle Safety and Maintenance ManualKnowing how to maintain your motorcycle is crucial for safety on the road. If your motorcycle isn’t running properly, you may encounter problems on that road that can even turn deadly. 

  • Follow the instructions in your manual. The manufacturer of your bike probably knows more than you about how to maintain and use it. Read it, study it, and memorize it. 
  • Breaking in your motorcycle. The first few hundred miles are the most important. When breaking in the bike, use it gently. 
  • Keeping up regularly with oil changes. Regular oil changes will help your engine last. This will keep your oil parts well oiled and maintained, preventing unnecessary damage. If you ride in dirty or dusty areas, schedule oil changes more often. Make sure to use the correct kind of oil. 
  • Clean or change the air filter. You should do this about once per month. What goes in your motorcycle may not come out if it gets stuck in a dirty air filter. This cuts off air to the cylinders in your engine. 
  • Check your tire pressure. Always make sure you have the correct air pressure to better handle your motorcycle and conserve fuel consumption. Check the pressure once a week, making adjustments as needed. 
  • Grease your bearings. You should always keep your bike well lubricated. Some newer motorcycles have maintenance free bearings that are covered. However, if they are exposed like on suspension linkages, they need regular care. No matter how regular you are greasing your bearings, you will eventually have to replace them. Be sure to check on them periodically to know their condition and when they should be changed. 
  • Watch your drivetrain. If you keep clean oil and regularly change your air filter, you will likely have decent longevity for both your engine and transmission, but that’s just two-thirds of the mechanical components of your motorcycle. The remainder is the drivetrain, or the chain, belt or shaft that takes power from the transmission to your rear wheel. Depending on the type of motorcycle, you will want to check for stretch, sprocket wear, belt cracking, and the amount of oil in the shaft housing. These systems usually require more maintenance. 
  • Check your battery terminal and wires. The moment you use a new battery, it starts to die. Your battery life will depend on how you maintain it. Keep it charged while not in use with a trickle charger. 
  • Use quality parts. When searching for parts to repair your motorcycle, make sure they are high quality to keep your bike running smoothly. This will ensure they don’t give you issues later. 

Utah Motorcycle Collisions 

Motorcycle accidents can be extremely deadly. In the event they are not fatal, they will likely cause very severe injuries or accident-related PTSD to victims. This is a financial burden that many don’t plan for, and this can be very devastating when also focusing on rehabilitation after a crash. In some cases, victims of motorcycle accidents can partner with a Utah motorcycle accident lawyer in order to regain lost compensation and hold the at-fault driver accountable. 

At Siegfried & Jensen, our team of Salt Lake City personal injury lawyers has been helping motorcyclists recover after being injured in a crash for over 30 years. If you or a loved one has been harmed in a motorcycle crash caused by a reckless motorist, call us today at (801) 845-9000 to see how we can help you.

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