No matter the circumstances of a car accident, they are dangerous incidents that can result in long-lasting effects for everyone involved. In the case that you or a loved one sustains serious, long-term injuries from the crash, the consequences can be even more devastating.
More often than not, these accidents are the direct result of someone else’s negligent — and likely preventable — actions. To make these matters worse, the responsible driver and his or her insurer will try to do whatever possible in order to limit their legal responsibility or even deny the claim of the injured person altogether.
To many people, the impact of emotional damages caused by the auto accident are not always readily apparent. This trauma can be severe and constant for injured victims, and it often takes much longer to heal from these types of damages than any type of physical injury that he or she may experience after the crash.
In the event you sustained severe psychological injuries caused by the reckless actions of another party, you may be eligible for some type of financial compensation to pay for your physical and mental damages. By partnering with an experienced Utah personal injury lawyer, you are better prepared to protect your legal rights and move toward recovery after a tragic incident.

Emotional Injury and Car Crashes

Most people have heard of the term post-traumatic stress, more commonly referred to as PTSD. It is often used when talking about the mental condition of soldiers who are returning from active combat after being deployed for war. For those who have it, it is a very trying condition and causes them to feel anxiety, fear, and mood swings when they are reminded or triggered by a memory linked to the root of their mental anguish.
However, it is not solely present in survivors of acts of war. Those involved in other tragic situations during their life can exhibit signs of post-traumatic stress as well. When this happens, it creates many issues and concerns in the person’s life that they are forced to deal with.
Directly after a car crash, the emotional damage can cause the victim to experience flashbacks associated with the accident. This may cause the victim to feel as if they have left their body and creating immense fear and anxiety that stops them from ever wanting to ride in a motor vehicle ever again.
It’s crucial to understand that these types of emotional damages, when filing a lawsuit or injury claim, are usually referred to as “pain and suffering.” These damages may even be applied to potential compensation to be recovered by the victim in order to help the injured party recover after a particularly traumatic experience.
These damages can take the form of anything associated with emotional anguish, like the costs of therapy, potentially lost wages, and more.
With the help of an experienced car crash attorney in Salt Lake City, you can establish what legally qualifies as emotional damage in order to recover after an accident. You will be better prepared to hold the liable party accountable for their role in the accident that caused you to sustain deep-seated emotional and mental anguish.

How Can I Overcome Issues with Emotional Trauma?

Healing from Emotional Damages after a CollisionIt can be hard for anyone to overcome emotional turmoil that results from a car crash, but there are a few options that can allow for injured victims to better cope with their psychological issues, such as flashbacks and anxiety associated with the crash.
The following is a list of tips that can help injured victims during times of emotional tribulation:

  • Keep a journal for emotional and physical pain. When someone is injured and attempting to seek compensation from the at-fault party, he or she can possibly benefit from keeping a journal to document pain or when they are hurt physically. A journal can also be used to monitor emotional trauma while allowing you to document whenever you may feel anxious or afraid. You can also identify existing triggers in order to be better able to deal with them head on.
  • Find support from loved ones and other positive sources. When suffering from any type of mental anguish after a vehicle collision, you want to be certain that you are discussing your issues with someone is a well trusted and positive outlet. You may be able to find some type of relief in your family or friends, which may help you take your mind off of your current emotional anguish and the accident itself. Group therapy sessions are a useful tool to help discuss your triggers and be better equipped to deal with them directly.
  • Understand how to deal with difficult situations. There are often a number of potential triggers that may come after an accident, such as loud bangs, horns, screeching tires, and more. When these happen, they can possibly cause you to feel deep fear. You should prep yourself to deal with these situations when they occur. Some options to deal with these triggers could be breathing exercises or contacting someone to discuss the situation.
  • Know the acronym R.A.I.N. This acronym may help you deal with your triggers after a crash. It stands for: Recognize traumatic feelings, Allow them to be there, Investigate the cause of the feeling, and Not let it define you. You are more than your traumatic emotions.

Salt Lake City Traumatic Auto Accidents

Thousands are injured each year in the state of Utah. These accidents could be because another driver was traveling at an unsafe speed, or maybe he or she was under the influence of alcohol. These actions can cause drivers to swerve in and out of lanes, causing other drivers to be afraid or to react quickly to these hazards.
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