We trust commercial truck drivers on our roads as they take products from area to area, as they are completing one of the most arduous and helpful jobs in America. Sometimes, we even think of the safety of trucks and the drivers who go through months to years of training just to obtain these types of jobs. However, there is a chance that, in our lives, we could experience a truck accident due to the fact that these large trucks aren’t free from faults and that there are many contributing causes to these accidents such as driver inexperience, weather conditions, the design of a vehicle, and many other aspects.

Being involved in a catastrophic truck accident might be one of the scariest things that you will ever endure, which is why it is important that you have an experienced legal professional on your side and never handle your claim alone. How do many of the most common types of truck accidents take place and how can we work to prevent them on our roads?

Common Truck Accident Types

Lost Loads: When cargo falls out of the back of a truck, it could fall into the roadway and cause a driver to wipe out. A vehicle might run directly into the object or they might maneuver out of the way, causing them to drive head-on into another vehicle. Many of these accidents take place due to an improperly secured load, which means that the parties who adjust the cargo on the back of the truck could be fully liable.

Rollovers: When a truck tips over onto its side, a rollover crash occurs. These accidents can occur for many reasons, with some of the most popular being a driver who is traveling at excessive speeds, taking a corner too quickly, carrying too much cargo, or attempting to correct a trailer that has drifted off the road.

Jackknife: These accidents take place when a trailer starts to swing on a truck and forms a 90-degree angle with the rest of the truck. These accidents can take place when brakes lock up, some of which happen in bad weather conditions. The driver loses full control of the vehicle and anything can happen, including a truck sliding into other vehicles.

Blind-Spots: Blind-spot accidents take place when a truck driver goes into another lane on the highway and bumps into another vehicle because they did not see them. Blind spots on a truck are in the rear and along the sides, which is why you should never travel in these areas for a long time because a truck might not see you. The larger the truck, the larger its blind spots.

Improper Braking: Truck drivers can sometimes lose control due to improper braking techniques. Truck drivers are trained to reduce their speed with every brake application, which can prevent accidents. In other cases, an accident might take place due to faulty brakes or aged brakes, or ones that were not properly installed.

Underriding: In these accidents, the driver in the rear doesn’t stop in time and goes underneath the trailer of the truck. These accidents lead to catastrophic injuries and even death in some cases. These accidents can happen for many reasons, some of which include a driver who was not paying attention to the roads or a truck driver who slams on their brakes for any number of reasons.

Wide-Turns: Trucks are huge and need to make wide turns. However, this can cause vehicles on the right side of the truck to become squeezed between a truck and a curb. You never want to get too close to a truck when it is making one of these turns, as it can easily become a dangerous scenario.

DUI Drivers: Driving under the influence is a common issue among many types of drivers. Truck drivers have an additional responsibility to look out for the safety of other drivers and so, if they choose to get behind the wheel of a truck while intoxicated, it could mean losing their license. It could also mean serious results for those involved.

Rear-Ends: Rear-end collisions take place due to the huge size difference between trucks and traditional vehicles. If a truck stops quickly, the vehicle could smash into the back. Passenger vehicle drivers are sometimes known for following trucks too closely, as driver error takes place, and drivers should always take caution.

Liability in Your Trucking Accident

Many people believe that, following a large truck accident, the truck driver is always liable for their injuries. However, in these cases, you could find that an entire company, a cargo loader, or the manufacturer of the truck’s parts could be liable depending on the circumstances of your case. This is why it is important to look into all outlets, because you never know who could be to blame for your accident. And, in fact, many truck drivers are independent contractors, which means that your claim would be against the trucker and not the company.

Because there are many potential parties who could be liable, you want to ensure that you are working with an attorney to detail the many aspects of your case so that they can gather information and name all parties they believe to be responsible for your accident. Many parties work together at trucking companies and you don’t want to miss out on bringing a lawsuit against a party who could be potentially liable for your injuries.

Turning to an Attorney You Can Trust

At Siegfried & Jensen, our experienced professionals have handled many types of accident cases, including truck accidents and tractor-trailer accidents. We are here for you during one of the most life-changing times you have ever experienced. Many people every year will become involved in truck accidents and feel suddenly helpless as they are unsure of where to turn. You are in need of a dedicated attorney who understands all of the laws that dictate these types of accidents and can guide you through your claim from start to finish. Contact us to find out what we can do for you at (801) 441-3635. We will review your claim for free and answer all of your questions.

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