After being in a truck accident, victims are grateful they survived and overwhelmed by concerns over how to manage life with serious injuries. These feelings are understandable as the gravity of what occurred settles in after a traumatic event. Sadly, little time passes before insurance companies call injured victims, trying to coerce information from them or push for quick settlements. Even if you are hospitalized, insurers are relentless with inquiries.

After a truck accident, a lawyer provides essential counsel and legal services that lift the weight off you when you need it most. You require time to heal and be assured your case is given proper attention. Handling a truck accident case alone is risky and could leave you without the necessary compensation to cover your current and future losses. When you hire Siegfried and Jensen, we do the work of seeking a damage recovery for you.

Why Do You Need Legal Representation After a Truck Accident?

Truck accident claims can be an uphill climb when determining fault and working toward a settlement. A skilled personal injury attorney has covered this ground often and is rarely surprised by maneuvers that insurance companies and other legal teams attempt. It is essential to find a lawyer you trust. Embracing the same objectives is what gets you across the finish line together. These are key reasons to get help from an accident injury attorney.

Physical and Emotional Trauma

Physical injuries that result from a truck crash are frequently catastrophic. These include:

  • Broken and crushed bones
  • Lacerations and puncture wounds
  • Internal injuries
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Burns

The resulting damages can cause disfigurement, permanent disability, and chronic pain and suffering. All these injuries and others can leave you unable to function as you once did. An attorney knows how to assess what these losses mean to your life.

Emotional Damage

Even if a person is fortunate enough to make a complete physical recovery, the emotional damages from such a traumatic event may never be resolved. One study showed post-traumatic stress disorder occurs in 39.2% of survivors of motor vehicle accidents.

The lasting effects of trauma are discovered over time. It can take years of therapy and medication to treat emotional disorders brought on by truck accidents. Having an attorney calculate the full extent of damages is crucial for covering these costs.

Financial Pressure

Financial worries are an ever-present concern for accident victims. Even when individuals are grappling with severe injuries, they are often consumed with handling expenses and taking care of themselves or their families. The emotional toll this takes can feel as intensely overwhelming as the pain of being physically hurt.

While hiring a truck accident attorney doesn’t necessarily mean a quick resolution to pending problems, you have confidence that the battle for fair compensation is being fought by a firm with years of experience handling personal injury cases.

Insurance Hassles

Insurance companies are focused on reaching resolutions in keeping with their bottom lines. Insurers may come across as attentive to your needs and concerns, but they won’t hesitate to use things you say to nullify your claim, if possible.

An attorney handles your insurance claim communications and settlement negotiations. Lawyers understand all too well what can go wrong when individuals attempt to deal with insurance companies without obtaining legal help.

Investigative Issues

Investigating a truck accident requires a detailed examination of the evidence. An experienced attorney coordinates and conducts in-depth investigations. These are the ways information is gathered:

  • Police reports
  • Physical evidence from the scene
  • Witness statements
  • Photos and videos
  • Security cameras (nearby the accident scene)

Where critical information is missing, your case may require expert input to reconstruct the event. If necessary, a lawyer brings in professionals to clarify potential issues and provide testimony if a case goes to court.

Legal Counsel

An objective opinion is one of many vital benefits a lawyer offers a client. While emotions understandably run high after accidents, making a legal case requires a clear assessment of the facts. An attorney evaluates your claim for merit. You fail to have legal standing without meeting the legal bar set for personal injury claims. An attorney builds a case and makes the argument for a damage recovery.

Your attorney will also counsel you throughout the legal journey. As settlement offers are made, it is your choice whether to accept. However, you will better understand the consequences of a decision in light of legal guidance.

Damage Calculations

Seeking a damage recovery is central to any personal injury case. You don’t have a claim if you don’t have provable damages. While some injuries are observable, there can be serious harm that is not apparent. However, few truck accidents result only in emotional damage. Physical injuries are typically present.

This does not negate that pain and suffering are as grievous as physical damages. Emotional injuries may be as lasting. An attorney encourages you to seek medical help to understand the extent of your harm. Damage calculations must figure in the totality of your losses, so you are compensated accordingly.

Case Development

If your case goes to court, you need an experienced litigator. This is true for any accident with injuries, but even more so given the seriousness of truck accident outcomes. Developing a case that stands up to legal scrutiny takes many hours of research. Your attorney brings all the pieces together in a solid case that compels a jury with factual and well-presented details.

Why Does the Statute of Limitations Matter to Your Case?

Every state limits the time you have to file a personal injury lawsuit. In Utah, you have four years to bring a case. While this generous statute of limitations provides you time to decide, the clock is always ticking regarding gathering evidence and building your case. If you plan to hire an attorney, it is important to do so as soon as possible.

Why Is Proceeding With a Truck Accident Case Without a Lawyer Risky?

Truck accidents are problematic, to say the least, given that there could be multiple liable parties. It can also take significant time to determine who the at-fault parties are in a case. This could require your attorney to deal with several insurance companies when seeking damages. Investigations and legal research are painstakingly managed undertakings.

It is not a wise decision to handle a truck accident case alone. If you have serious injuries, you may have physical and emotional needs that need ongoing treatment throughout your lifetime. Losing your chances to recover damages because you don’t know how insurance negotiations or legal proceedings work is tragic for you and anyone who counts on you for support.

Talk With an Attorney To Learn About Your Rights

At Siegfried and Jensen, we fight for the compensation our clients deserve. Insurance companies don’t back down, and we don’t either. To win a case for damages takes skill and tenacity. At your initial consultation, feel free to ask us questions about our firm’s record and how we have served past clients.

Building a relationship with you is essential. Contact us to find out how we can help. We review your case for free, so you make an informed decision about working with our firm. You don’t pay fees unless we win your case.