Common Injuries From Car Accidents

Car accident injuries can range from minor cuts and bruises to catastrophic injuries that change people’s lives forever. In 2021, some 2.38 million people were injured in car accidents on US roads. This included over 130,000 people who were traveling by foot or bicycle at the time of the accident.

If you were involved in a car accident, you may be reeling from the shock and anger of having your life changed in an instant. No doubt you want justice, and so do we. The car accident attorneys at Siegfried & Jensen have been fighting – and winning – car accident cases for residents of Utah and surrounding states for over 30 years.

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Whiplash is the most common car accident injury in the US. It is estimated that 0.3 percent of the US population is affected by whiplash each year, most often from car accidents. The damage is done when your head moves forward and back rapidly upon impact.

These sudden movements can injure the muscles, ligaments, nerves, tendons, and discs in your neck. However, whiplash does not always cause immediate pain. This is just one reason why you should always get checked out by a doctor after a car accident.

Most people with whiplash experience pain for a few months before it subsides. However, pain can affect other whiplash victims for much longer. A small number of people may even suffer pain that lasts for years.

Whiplash may sound minor, but it can be debilitating. Make sure to seek immediate treatment and keep accurate records to build a strong case for the compensation you deserve after a whiplash injury. This may help your Siegfried & Jensen car accident attorney demonstrate the impact of your car accident and achieve a settlement on your behalf.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries affect the body’s connective tissues, such as the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Other soft tissue injuries include:

  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Bruising (known medically as contusions)
  • Cuts and scrapes (known as lacerations)

While soft tissue injuries are common and can be very painful at the time, they do not usually lead to long-term consequences. However, they can still require medical treatment, and you may need time off work. Serious lacerations can lead to permanent disfigurement.

Even if you think your injuries are relatively minor, you may still have incurred losses that entitle you to compensation. So never assume that you do not have a case. A Siegfried & Jensen lawyer can review your car accident case and advise you on your legal rights.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

TBIs happen when the brain moves about within the skull and collides with it. In car accidents, TBIs can result from the sudden back and forward movement caused by the impact or from colliding with the steering wheel, airbag, window, or windshield.

Short-term symptoms

Mild TBIs cause symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and dizziness. However, moderate and severe TBIs can cause:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Confusion
  • Seizures

Like whiplash, TBIs do not always present symptoms immediately. However, up to 24 hours later, the car accident victim may start to experience the symptoms mentioned above. This is why it is so important to get checked over by a doctor as soon as possible after a car accident.

Long-term prognosis

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), TBI symptoms can last anywhere from a few days up to a lifetime, depending on their severity.

Severe TBIs can cause long-term disabilities and could affect your ability to provide financially for your family. You may require ongoing caretaker support and adaptations to your home.

It is very important to work with a law firm that will calculate the full financial impact of your accident and fight for a fair settlement that provides what you need for the long-term.

Spinal Cord Injuries (SCIs)

The immense forces involved in a car accident can cause severe damage to the spinal cord. If you have some feeling below the injury site, the injury is considered incomplete. If you have no feeling in the area, it is considered a complete spinal cord injury.

Some symptoms of SCIs include:

  • Weakness and tingling in the legs
  • Paralysis
  • Inability to control the bowels/bladder
  • Back pain

Any suspected spinal cord injury requires immediate medical attention and treatment options may include:

  • Surgery to reduce pressure on the spine and repair damage
  • Medication
  • Rehabilitation
  • Physical therapy

Many people with spinal cord injuries go on to lead fulfilling lives. However, if you suffered a spinal injury in your car accident, there may be some activities you can no longer enjoy.

You may be entitled to compensation for more than just your medical expenses and lost wages. You may also be able to claim damages for the pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life you have experienced. Talk to a Siegfried & Jensen car accident attorney about the compensation you can pursue.

Broken Bones

Car accidents are a major cause of broken bones, especially ribs and limbs. Sadly, in some cases, crush injuries mean that limbs have to be amputated to save the life of the car accident victim.

Seatbelts are lifesavers but, during a collision, lock in place and can cause injuries. Broken ribs and neck bones, as well as bruising and abrasions, are possible. Broken ribs usually hurt right away, and first responders can check for signs of fractures.

Broken fingers, arms, and legs usually cause severe immediate pain. If you have pain in a joint, you may have dislocated it during the collision. As always, seek prompt medical attention and continue treatment until you have reached maximum medical recovery.


It is easy to focus solely on the physical injuries car accidents cause and overlook the psychological ones. Yet, one study found that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects 39.2 percent of car accident survivors.

PTSD can have a devastating effect on a person’s life. Symptoms include:

  • Feelings of shock, guilt, fear, and confusion that persist after the accident
  • Intrusive memories
  • Negative thinking patterns
  • Low mood

Several treatments for PTSD exist that can help you cope with this aftereffect of your accident. You may also be entitled to pursue compensation for this aspect of your suffering. Talk to a compassionate Siegfried & Jensen car accident attorney about your rights.

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