Even people outside the arts might know that SCERA stands for Sharon’s Cultural, Educational, Recreational Association. This organization has a long history, providing residents and visitors access to the arts all year. If you want to see a dance performance or watch a play in Orem, SCERA might be one of the first places you visit.

Yet, you might not know where to go if you are suffering financially after a sudden accident. Other medical conditions, like cancer or carpal tunnel syndrome, can develop slowly due to working conditions or an unhealthy living environment. Where can you turn when personal injuries like these happen due to someone else’s negligence?

If you reside near Scera Park North in Orem, Utah, you can find a legal advocate at Siegfried & Jensen. Like SCERA, we have a long history – but, as for us, we help clients pursue significant monetary compensation for their losses. Contact us without delay by calling (801) 845-9000 to schedule your free case evaluation and learn about your options after a Utah personal injury.

Determining Who Is At Fault

What does it mean to be at fault for an accident? In general, the at-fault party may be determined to have caused a personal injury accident if he or she:

  1. Had a duty or an obligation (e.g., a driver’s obligation to take reasonable care on the road or a doctor’s duty to treat patients according to appropriate medical standards)
  2. Failed an obligation or duty toward the accident victims, and;
  3. The failure or breach of duty caused harm

In Utah, negligence laws consider the injured party’s role in the incident. A personal injury lawyer practicing in this state can explain how these local statutes affect your right to claim compensation in Orem.

The following Utah codes could apply:

  • Fault on the plaintiff’s part does not alone bar recovery of losses
  • A plaintiff can collect damages as long as his or her proportion of fault does not exceed the defendant’s
  • A defendant is not liable for damages above the proportion of fault caused by the person seeking recovery
  • Someone who cannot be a defendant in court proceedings (i.e. “immune from suit”) will not have to pay damages, but his or her degree of fault could be considered to determine the percentage of other’s fault accurately

Utah’s bar of comparative negligence is 50 percent. Therefore, if you are more than 50 percent at fault for the accident, you cannot recover damages, while any share of fault amounting to less than 50 percent would reduce your award.

Since your degree of fault significantly impacts your personal injury claim, experienced legal advocates will advise you on how to proceed after an accident. So choose your words and actions carefully. The defendant’s legal team could use questionable behavior against you.

Documenting Injuries for a Compelling Injury Claim

The cost of medical expenses can be so shocking that the US Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor, and the Treasury issued requirements to control “surprise billing.” After all, unexpected medical debt is the last thing you need after surviving a traumatic event.

If you want to benefit from a personal injury award, you must:

  1. Prove the extent of your injuries and how these affect your quality of life
  2. Pursue a legal claim for your losses or negotiate a settlement with insurers
  3. Ensure that your settlement covers all your accident-related medical expenses

Accomplishing the first step is essential. Seeking treatment for your injuries and keeping a journal of how these affect you ensures that a tangible record of your physical, mental, and emotional pain is documented. Such evidence could significantly influence the amount of compensation you win.

Consult a physician immediately

Call 911 from the accident scene or seek medical attention at an Orem hospital or urgent care center as soon as your injuries occur. If you feel fine, you should still get a checkup since some symptoms you don’t initially notice might worsen as time passes. For example, the indications of whiplash might be hidden or delayed for days.

Keep a copy of all your hospital bills, prescriptions, and over-the-counter drug purchases. If a doctor assigns you follow-up care, save receipts for medical-related travel expenses like flights, ride shares, and parking.

Take pictures

If you cannot take pictures at the accident scene or in the hospital, ask someone else to do so. Even after your initial injury, regularly photograph the progression of your healing. For instance, you can record bruises, swelling, or other proof of injury.

Keep a journal of your suffering

Writing down your experience will paint a clear image of your suffering. Daily, or as often as practical, note details of the physical pain you feel. You can use a scale of 1 to 10 to indicate its severity.

You can also describe the emotional toll your injuries have on you, frustrations with the recovery process, and any setbacks in your recovery. Include specific dates, times, and locations.

Interview witnesses

Statements from individuals who witnessed an accident can be a powerful reinforcement of your testimony. Often, finding credible eyewitnesses takes investigation. On your behalf, an experienced lawyer can obtain and record firsthand testimony that verifies the facts of your personal injury claim.

Organization can help you stay calm during an otherwise overwhelming time. Consider making a special file for your accident-related expenses. Your lawyer can use this information to calculate the compensation you deserve accurately.

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Scera Park North community residents often depend on each other with excellent results. For instance, hundreds of volunteers, artisans, and reenactors ensure the yearly Colonial Heritage Festival delights visitors from all over the world.

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