Laketown, Utah (February 9, 2019) – According to a report from the Utah Highway Patrol, a deputy from the Rich County Sheriff’s Department is miraculously alive after being struck by a semi-truck along the runaway ramp at Laketown Canyon. Incidentally, the deputy had been sent to investigate another semi-truck accident involving a smaller vehicle in the same area.
Based on the report, the second semi-truck driver drove toward the scene and lost control. As a result, the vehicle overturned and skidded towards rocks near the ramp. In the process, the deputy was struck.
One Utah Highway Patrol officers commented that the officer is fortunate to be alive. He only suffered a broken elbow and some deep lacerations as a result of the impact. Later, paramedics brought the deputy to Logan Regionals Hospital for treatment.
Authorities confirmed the semi-truck driver involved in the accident also sustained injuries, but none were life-threatening. He was later transported to a hospital, as well.
Currently, officers are investigating both accidents.
Laketown, Utah – Rich County Sheriff’s Deputy Struck by Semi-Truck near Laketown Canyon

Police Officer-Pedestrian Accident in Laketown

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